USA Customers: NO MORE 25% Tax on Stark Drive!


We are super excited at the recent turn of events with US Customs ruling that no longer will our electric bikes have any additional duty imposed on them when we sell them to our fellow countrymen in the USA as our bikes are made in China.

There is more information available here.


We have already updated our servers to remove any additional costs when shipping to the USA.

We feel this will be an important event for the mass adoption of electric transportation in the USA especially our ultra affordable electric bikes. Its never made any sense from an environmental standpoint to tax electric transportation no matter the form be it bicycles, or vehicles.

We currently have a special on our Stark Drive Advanced 500W Fat Tire Electric bikes shipping free for only $1400 USD worldwide.

HERE: https://starkdrive.bike/stock/


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Dec 26th: Boxing Day Sale: Stark Drive Advanced FREE SHIPPING NO TAX



Get your choice of Stark Drive advanced in one of three brilliant colors for a total price of 1400 USD including all shipping and taxes.

*note, taxes may be charged depending on shipping location however we will immediately credit these fees to you through a refund on the same payment method used to purchase and send proof of refund via email.

Purchase at the link here:




We believe that Stark Drive Advanced will totally upend the affordable electric bike market and city transportation as a whole. We have built Stark Drive to be durable, perfect for many usage case scenarios for both that are tight on space or enjoy the open road. We have pre-configured this unit of Stark Drive with the most important upgrades to ensure maximum usability while keeping it 100% legal in the USA as a registration free electric bike. We use the latest advanced Tesla inspired lithium batteries and the most powerful geared motors we could develop and on top of that Stark Drive takes just seconds to fold when storing it in tight spaces or on public transport.


Above you can see the the pre-configured bike we have custom built for our customers providing an excellent balance of performance with affordability and most importantly complete compliance with all USA regulations for electric bikes. Options such as the Stark Drive Cargo Bag, Custom Built Stark Drive lock, or Warranty Upgrade can be added to this bike if desired in our accessories section.

Take stark drive with you in your vehicle, fitting nicely even in a compact hatchback or even on the bus or train so that you can handle that last mile of travel in style and comfort. Stark Drive is the most affordable electric bike on the market at this price class and configuration bar none. Please contact us if you find anything better and we will reward you.**


Stark Drive Advanced includes a 500W motor which is the perfect balance of power and performance for the typical city based commuter with a little bit of extra umph for those coastal travels and light trail riding. The motor is speed limited from the factory at 32kph as per USA regulations. These limitations can be unrestricted after delivery.


Stark Drive Advanced includes a bike computer which give you a total of 5 levels of pedal assist. This will let you choose a lower level of pedal assist when trying to maximize range or a higher level of assist when in hilly areas or hauling a heavy load for towing capacity. The display also has a battery level indicator, total real time amp draw from the battery in order to gauge how much energy you are using as well as odometer and speed traveled. The bike computer also controls the bikes core functions such as speed limitation, should you choose to install a different diameter tire on Stark Drive etc.


Stark Drive Advanced uses a 100% aluminum frame for maximum durability, and strength while keeping the total weight at the top of its class. At a weight of approximately 25kg we are ultra competitive in the sector with respect to weight to power ratio.


Stark Drive Advanced includes a 17 Ah battery pack that is unique to Stark Drive. We use Tesla inspired batteries of the highest quality from Japan. The battery is the most important component on Stark Drive and its quality will deliver power for hundreds of charges and in all weather conditions. The battery is perfectly designed for Stark Drive and fits completely hidden with the frame making the bike look, to the untrained eye, just like your average regular pedal bike. The battery is perfect for towing or more challenging terrain terrain. You will get approximately 30-60km of pedal assist from the battery at the lowest setting*

*Note that range estimates are dependent on rider and load total weight, wind speed, terrain, and temperature.


We have installed what we believe are the perfect tires on Stark Drive. They are classed as all terrain tires and measure in at 10cm x 26cm in diameter.


With the cost calculated, you will get Stark Drive delivered to your door all applicable taxes prepaid. Stark Drive is packaged in ultra durable multilayered, heavy duty grade cardboard. Shipping will only take 3-5 days to your door for most areas within the USA/Europe. Note a surcharge will be applied for shipping to the Non Continental USA. You will be contacted after ordering.

Excellent Introduction On Electric Bikes Corresponding to Stark Drives Development


There is no shortage of information on the technology behind electric bikes and the two main systems that are most popular in the marketplace today. This being Torque based Mid Motor drives and Hub Motor based electric bikes. The primary determining factor for the average consumer has been the price difference between these two technologies due simply to competition in the (producers) marketplace and the number of manufactures producing these two types of systems.

The most common and widely produced systems currently in production are hub motor drive systems with literally hundreds of manufacturers production these well developed and refined electronic systems which in turn helps to drive prices down on this technology to the benefit of the consumer. Much less competition exists in mid motor drive circles with just a handful of manufacturers that exist and due to the reality that each of these manfuactuers have invested significant R&D capital into their systems these underlying mid motor systems are typically much more restrictive with the manufacturer of a mid motor requiring companies that use their systems to take not only the mid motor but a whole host of other components which work in tandem to ensure the system functions.

For example with a hub motor based motor, typically one can purchase the motor from one manufacture, a controller from an unrelated manufacture and so on to build a finished product which is not the case with mid motor drive manufacturers. Having Built Stark Drive Torque, we know first hand that the only components we had levy to made decisions over were all non electrical components with even the exclusion of the crankset as this was provided from Bafang as set with their mid motor drive.

Ultimately as more manufacturers enter the mid drive motor market and competition escalates in this style of motor drive, prices will naturally fall but the time being the performance gains that exists with this style of motor have historically been for early adopters whom were willing to pay more for the latest available technology.

At Stark Drive we are doing our (small) part to help drive prices down by bringing electric bike technology to the consumer without all the markups typically associated in the e-bike industry and the (up to now) standard practice of middleman after middleman each taking a cut with the eventual consumer having to pay an inflated cost which serves to hinder marketplace adoption and affordability of electric bikes.

We launched Stark Drive in 2017 for an unbelievable starting price of $399 and Stark Drive Mini (Gen1) for only $299. We even worked to launch Stark Drive Torque which was the first torque based bafang mid motor drive for unheard of pricing.

We plan on relaunching Stark Drive Mini (Gen2) with upgraded specifications, more powerful power system (to 48V) which will give the consumer more hill climbing and towing power and to relaunch Stark Drive Torque once we finish testing the Gen3 prototype which we expect to receive very soon with all the integrated tech that we have discussed on previous blog posts about this very powerful and feature loaded electric bike.

We see 48V as the future of Stark Drive along our entire line and will slowly be making the shift to this power level. In fact for those that ordered our RAD Power Upgrade at 750W they have already experienced the 48V systems on our original Stark Drive and this is available even today when customizing your bike on our website.


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How Does Stark Drive Torque Max Compare to the Competition?


Stark Drive Torque Max - $1999


The EVELO Aries Mid-Drive is priced at $3,499.

An excellent review on The Evelo Aires Here: https://electricbikereport.com/evelo-aries-mid-drive-electric-bike-review-part-1-pictures-specs/

Stark Drive Torque will be launching on Indiegogo August 20, 2019 at 12:00 PM EST.


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Stark Drive Torque Launch - August 20th 12PM EST


Title says it all, the first backers will get the early bird Stark Drive Torque.

Stark Drive Torque can be configured in dozens of ways including fingerprint recognition or even up to 1000W engine. The first Mid Motor Torque Based Folding electric bike

Stark Drive Torque:

Stark Drive Torque Max:

We are really excited to be launching what has proven to be one of the biggest challenges our company has undertaken to date.


Stark Drive Team
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Stark Drive Torque Max Reviewed by InsiderEVs.com!



we are pleased to announce a review by the respected online publication in all things electric: InsideEVs.com.


It worth noting that all we had available to send to them was the Block 1 or Version 1 of Stark Drive Torque, there have been countless improvements to the Block/Version 2 Model which we talk about in earlier blog posts with photos. When designing a bike from the ground up including the frame, there are always challengs that must be overcome and we have worked to improve every aspect of the bike and will continue to do so for our upcoming August Launch on Indiegogo.


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Stark Drive Torque Behind the Scenes - Manufacturing Partnerships


I wanted to bring you a short video update on the process behind how we manufacture Stark Drive Torque filmed on location in beautiful Hong Kong. As you can probably tell during the video it was incredibly warm and humid there and my frame was built for colder weather so please excuse my attempts to wipe the sweat off my forehead during the video.

Stark Drive Mentioned on Japanese Publisher Bouncy.News


Stark Drive has been featured with Japanese based Bouncy.News below.


We are pleased to have been covered and look forward to delivering the most affordable mid motor torque based folding electric bikes in the world launching August 2019!

Register today to get the launch email for torque drive electric bike at www.starkdrive.world.

Stark Drive Torque Review by Computerbild.de


With just weeks till our launch of Stark Drive Torque on Indiegogo, we are super pleased to have been reviewed by the respected publication Computerbild.de here:


For all you german speakers there has been a video review done here below:

And for those that do not speak german, the article seems to translate very well when using any online translation enabled browser such as Google Chrome.

Just a note that this review was done of our block 1 prototype and we have already improved and enhanced Stark Drive Torque to block 2 which has a number of feature improvements and upgrades as can be seen on our blog post below:





Stay tuned to our blog for further updates about the manufacturing process of Stark Drive Torque that we will release in the coming days.

We want to extend a thank you to at computerbild for taking the time to review the EU legal version of Stark Drive Torque - the most affordable mid motor torque based folding electric bike in the world.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive Torque Manufacturing & Development: Part 4 Coatings


When we produced the V2 prototype of Stark Drive Torque (SDT) and Stark Drive Torque Max we knew it was something special and wanted it to stand out. Therefore decided to go for hydro graphics instead of simply painting the frame as we have done in the past.

On our visit to our coatings partner, we spent some time discussing what we were after as well as how we wanted torque to be perceived as the number of types of hydro graphics designs are literally infinite, at his factory, on hand he had over 2500 styles with a warehouse and access to an additional 100.000 styles

The process to apply a hydrographic is not especially difficult but that does not mean that it does not take exceptional skill, especially when the shape is as complicated as the frame for SDT. On our first attempt in fact, the shape and size was somewhat underestimated and resulted in an incomplete coating. As you will see below in our video we had to then clean, dry and repaint the bike base coat so that it could be coated again with the design. The second attempt was much more successful as you can see from the final photos.

When we go into mass production, those whom opt for a hydro graphic coating instead of painting, the process will not be done by hand, instead it would be done by machine to ensure a consistent result and accurate repeat-ability.

I describe the process in the videos below however basically these work as follows:

  1. frame is prepared with a base coat of paint of any color, this base coat would then show through any transparent sections of the hydro graphic.
  2. hydro graphic design is prepared and released from its backing
  3. Component is slowly dipped into the hydro graphic bath so that the design wraps around the component
  4. component is removed carefully from the bath such that no overlap of patten transfers
  5. component is washed and sprayed with a final coat to seal in the design

The process is arguably faster than regular painting and gives you the ability to add some very wild and unique designs to your bike. we will be offering a limited number of these during our launch of Stark Drive Torque on Indiegogo when we launch in August 2019.

The final result you can see below, it looks quite striking:


Stark Drive Team
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