Stark Drive LLC is currently looking for partners to work with us to expand our footprint as the most affordable electric bike manufacturer in the world. After an super successful initial crowdfunding the decision was made to cut out a further middleman and launch sales through our own website but in order to fully develop the potential that our team has worked tirelessly to achieve and to scale our production and distribution worldwide, Stark Drive LLC is looking for partners, investors and those who want to make a difference to both supporting game changing transportation solutions but also reducing the global footprint of carbon that is released every day into the atmosphere. We believe that the best solution to this is to cut out the energy middlemen that currently exist in the world and take energy directly from solar to be used by the end customer. Energy densities of cell based energy systems improve every day and they have to date reached what we believe is a tipping point enabling useful transport to a reasonable level for today’s average consumer.

Stark Drive LLC plans to apply their model of ultra-affordable manufacturing to other modes of transport including moped technology, vehicle technology and ultimately hover or air transport technology. Our business model is to start with well-established products with a predictable supply chain and price to develop new and better technologies for transport and combine those with the eventual global shift to solar.

Do you want to be part of a group whose goal is to dominate the world of green transport?

Please contact us: hello@starkdrive.com