Stark Drive Advanced 48V Ultra Power: Black Friday Sale



We are excited to share with you that for 2020 Stark Drive is going big with Black Friday!

For a very limited time (until November 28th) we will be offering our most powerful and fully loaded Stark Drive Ultra Power bike for an unbelievable discount of $200 and FREE SHIPPING! As you know these bikes are finished and will be shipped to you from our Asian warehouse which will take about 30-35 days depending on where you are located in the world. (these will be shipped by sea as due to the pandemic we are having trouble securing a full container and instead will share a container with other parties).

You can read more information about the many improvements we have made to this bike on our blog here:


To get this discount you simply follow this link and select the color you are interested in:


Then at checkout use the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2020

For more information about the specifications of the fully loaded Stark Drive Ultra Power scroll down. This bike is fully loaded with PAS, Throttle, our max Panasonic batteries as well as front light and horn as well as electrically integrated rear light and rack (not pictured above).


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC


We believe that Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power will totally upend the affordable electric bike market and city transportation as a whole. We have built Stark Drive to be durable, perfect for many usage case scenarios for both that are tight on space or enjoy the open road. We have pre-configured this unit of Stark Drive with the most important upgrades to ensure maximum usability while keeping it 100% legal in the USA as a registration free electric bike. We use the latest advanced Tesla inspired lithium batteries and the most powerful geared motors we could develop and on top of that Stark Drive takes just seconds to fold when storing it in tight spaces or on public transport.

We have upgraded the braking system on this powerful bike with even better stopping power versus our standard disc brakes.

We have also upgraded the front light to provide even more visibility in low lighting conditions with 4 powerful LEDs versus our Standard 2 LED System.


Above you can see the the pre-configured bike we have custom built for our customers providing an excellent balance of performance with affordability and most importantly complete compliance with all USA regulations for electric bikes. Options such as the Stark Drive Cargo Bag, Custom Built Stark Drive lock, or Warranty Upgrade can be added to this bike if desired in our accessories section.

Take stark drive with you in your vehicle, fitting nicely even in a compact hatchback or even on the bus or train so that you can handle that last mile of travel in style and comfort. Stark Drive is the most affordable electric bike on the market at this price class and configuration bar none. Please contact us if you find anything better and we will reward you.**


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a 1000W hub motor which is the perfect balance of power and performance for the typical city based commuter with a little bit of extra umph for those coastal travels and light trail riding. The motor is speed limited from the factory at 32kph as per USA regulations. These limitations can be unrestricted after delivery. The drive system on Stark Drive is a Cadence Pedal Assist (PAS) System.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a bike computer which give you a total of 5 levels of pedal assist. This will let you choose a lower level of pedal assist when trying to maximize range or a higher level of assist when in hilly areas or hauling a heavy load for towing capacity. The display also has a battery level indicator, total real time amp draw from the battery in order to gauge how much energy you are using as well as odometer and speed traveled. The bike computer also controls the bikes core functions such as speed limitation, should you choose to install a different diameter tire on Stark Drive etc.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power uses a 100% aluminum frame for maximum durability, and strength while keeping the total weight at the top of its class. At a weight of approximately 25kg we are ultra competitive in the sector with respect to weight to power ratio.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a 17 Ah battery pack made with 18650 Panasonic Cells that is unique to Stark Drive. We use Tesla inspired batteries of the highest quality from Japan. The battery is the most important component on Stark Drive and its quality will deliver power for hundreds of charges and in all weather conditions. The battery is perfectly designed for Stark Drive and fits completely hidden with the frame making the bike look, to the untrained eye, just like your average regular pedal bike. The battery is perfect for towing or more challenging terrain terrain. You will get approximately 30-60km of pedal assist from the battery at the lowest setting*

*Note that range estimates are dependent on rider and load total weight, wind speed, terrain, and temperature.


We have installed what we believe are the perfect tires on Stark Drive. They are classed as all terrain tires and measure in at 5 cm x 26cm in diameter.