Stark Drive Carbon Update


With the popularity of 20'' Fat tire Bikes we wanted to take a look to see if we could make improvements on the existing open mold (read Chinese cookie cutter bike) designs available in the marketplace being sold with dozens of different names painted on the side.

The main issues that, in our view, hampered these standard designs were the hub based motors which are based on a magnet sensing PAS that requires the user to pedal several times before the assist function is activated as well as the inescapable weight associated with the heavy duty frames that accommodate the fat tires on these styles of bikes.

The solution to this was to:

  1. work to somehow reduce the total weight of the bike by using a strong material other than aluminum alloy
  2. change the drive system to one that is not only more powerful than even a 1000W variant of these bikes but one that responds instantly to the user

We discussed this in our mater plan here: https://starkdrive.bike/masterplan/

While our time schedule has slipped somewhat from our original goal we have not rested on our laurels with the design and development of this bike and are pleased to introduce:


We know the video is short but there is not much to see yet besides the motor mated to the frame. The final assembly should be finished in a couple of days and the bike will be shipped to us shortly.

We would like to add that this is a worldwide patented and registered design and thus will unfortunately not be available to shameless competitors that want to jump on the mid motor band-bandwagon, at least with the frame design above. We are working to improve the design with front shocks custom designed for this frame design which unfortunately we did not have time to complete before the manufacturing of this first prototype.

Ultimately, we anticipate the same features that we offered in Stark Drive Torque (www.starkdrive.world) to be available on this design such as fingerprint recognition unlocking, wireless charging, and much much more.

Stay tuned for our first hands on videos which we hope to have available early 2021.

Stay Safe and Healthy and Keep Riding.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC