All Stock Bikes Ship Immediately from our warehouses in the EU and USA and Asia and will be delivered to your door with all taxes paid. We ship worldwide. Additional costs may apply if you pick a region bike (EU or USA) that does not match the shipping location. Taxes are only pre-charged at checkout for the EU, USA, and Canada, other countries the bikes will be shipped requiring the purchaser to clear customs and pay any applicable taxes. Shipping takes Approximately 3 - 5 days depending on location and we only use UPS/Fedex as our carrier. If you decide to add components to a Stock bike that it does not ship with it can take time to have these parts shipped to you. Contact us if you want to make any such requests and we will let you know if these upgrades are in stock.

These Stark Drive Folding Electric Bikes are the most affordable in their class when evaluating the specifications, features, and included taxes with total to your door generally half our competitions prices. Premium quality, hand built electric bikes with attention to detail and the best components. Our bikes are built tough to handle anything your city can throw at it.