Happy Earth Day And Ride Stark Drive


We wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Earth Day from everyone here at Stark Drive. We have customers of all skill levels that use stark drive from the adventurous rider to the daily commuter. There are several benefits to riding Stark Drive which we wanted to touch on in this Earth Day Entry.

Carbon Minimized Transportation

When you compare the carbon footprint of Stark Drive with its lithium cells as well as fully recyclable bike frame know that the carbon footprint of our bikes is a fraction of that of ICE transportation and on top of that they are considered zero emission transportation. On top of this with the continual development of clean energy generation, you will be charging Stark Drive with clean energy in the near future if not already.

Preventing the Release of COx and Other Pollutants

Since Stark Drive runs on electric power, we release no greenhouse gases while riding our bikes. It is incredible the difference when people turn off their vehicles and travel using their own power or with electric vehicles. There have been satellite maps of late that show the dramatic differences in SMOG and other airborne pollutants in high density city environments. Something that we are normally breathing in which in the long term will lead to health problems.

Sustainable Energy Plants with our Batteries

One of the cool features of Stark Drive is the integrated USB charging on all our bikes and even cooler is the integrated USB output right on the battery pack on our upcoming Stark Drive Torque models. You can therefore use the battery pack as a power station wherever you travel so that you always have a clean sustainable form of energy to ensure you are connected or in cases of emergency.

Specially Selected Ultra-Premium Batteries

There are many different grades of batteries out there and on top of the ones available from manufacturers there are even copies of premium brands that flood the marketplace. We source all of our batteries direct from the manufacturer be it Panasonic (our preferred supplier), Samsung or LG. All our batteries are imported to our factory for the final stages of manufacturing to ensure that we build packs that are not only reliable but have the longevity to last for years.

Stay Healthy and Get to Where Your Going

An understated benefit of Stark Drive that can not be emphasized enough is that by commuting with our bikes you are working out your body, cardiovascular system and above all else keeping in motion. Stark Drive is a fun way to experience the out doors or even to run those errands that need doing on a daily basis, this in turn also releases positivity enhancing chemicals in your brain thereby even enhancing things like your immune system and helping you to be more alert as well as improving your reflexes.

Cycling Infrastructure

Its a common sight now a days to see a grid lock of vehicles on the freeway with each vehicle having one person at the wheel and noone else. this takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of energy to transport that person to where they are going which is why we always try to promote collective transportation and one of the benefits of Stark Drive and their ability to fold is that you can take them with you on the Subway or Bus to ensure that the last mile of your journey is covered. Lets work together to get vehicles off the road.

Stark Drive Launched in 2017

We have been working to push the limits of what we can offer to our customers in terms of features and benefits of the best technology that is available when it comes to electric bikes with the most important point of focus to keep our electric bikes affordable and ensure that the incumbents are challenged so that ultimately the global prices of electric bikes comes down. Stark Drive has sold thousands of bikes worldwide since 2017. Our goal in 2020 is to add 20,000 New riders of Stark Drive with the upcoming launch of Stark Drive Mini and Stark Drive Torque pictured respectively below.

Stark Drive Mini
Stark Drive Torque



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