Oscar Traveling to China


Thank you! ♥

We want to express a huge amount of gratitude to all of the backers that believed in us even when we experienced setbacks and still supported us. To all of you out there, you will not be disappointed. Many crowdfunding campaigns are launched haphazardly and without a real plan assuming that things will just work out if they succeed in meeting their crowdfunding goals. This is generally never the case. We have been planning and developing our relationships with our manufacturers, logistics partners, as well as our action plan a year before we officially launched on Indiegogo back in February 2017.

Nothing happens by chance and if you fail to plan you plan to fail.

This can be demonstrated by the fact that we have already placed our first major order for hundreds of bikes with our manufacturing partner and they have started gearing up for production. Just as expected, they have confirmed it will take approximately 45 days for the first batch of bikes to be completed, this is why Oscar is traveling to meet with them at the end of June to inspect the first batch to ensure that they are up to standard.

Quality control if of the utmost importance for us as is delivering to our customers in a clear and expected way. Keeping silent on delays, making promises that are not kept and other ridiculous situations are not part of Stark Drive DNA.

You early backers are going to be our Ambassadors and we need you to spread the word once you receive your Stark Drive. Keep in touch with us, share your stories, and photos on social media and let everyone know that you have been a part of launching the most affordable and fully equipped electric bikes in the world.


Oscar Stark
CEO and Founder
Stark Drive LLC

Full 2 Year Extended Warranty Offer


When we designed Stark Drive, we did so with the premise that you will be getting high quality super affordable components for an unbeatable total price. We also put Stark Drive through very stringent testing to make sure that the components (if maintained properly) will last for thousands of hours of enjoyment exploring the outdoors. Since we wanted to have the strongest warranty in the business compared to other ultra affordable electric bikes we had to do better then 30 days (which is offered by one of our competitors) and thus we decided on a full 180 days of warranty.

There are some users that feel more comfortable if they can have an even longer duration of warranty for their Stark Drive and for those users we today introduced a full 2 Year Warranty upgrade that can be purchased so long as your existing warranty has not expired. The price is exceptionally reasonable and the piece of mind it provides ensures that you will enjoy travelling with the most affordable electric bike ever even more!

Please contact us at if you have any questions. You can currently get the upgrade by clicking in the accessories page.

First Order With The Factory Placed


We are ecstatic to announce that the first order with our manufacturing partners has officially been placed and paid for. Now starts the production run which will take 45 days and after a strict QC check, we will be delivering the first batch of Stark Drive to lucky owners all over the world. We have also been working on our box design and the current final version is pictured below. We chose to place a TV on the box which was originally pioneered by VanMoof here. Just this small addition helped to reduce damage in freight by 80% and we want to make sure you get Stark Drive in pristine condition just as it left the factory.

If everything goes according to plan, the first deliveries of stark drive will be within days of the campaign ending. Having done a lot of the prepatory work with the design of Stark Drive as well as ensuring that everything with our manufacturing partners was signed and sealed before we launched was critical to ensuring that we can deliver on time making sure that you get to use Stark Drive even this summer.

We try to break the unfortunate reality that seems to be sweeping the crowdfunding industry where promises of delivery are not upheld and users are forced to wait months or even years to get the product that they have helped bring to life.

Yours Sincerely,
Stark Drive

Stark Drive now has SSL Encryption as Standard


Safety of our riders both on the road and online is our first priority. Stark Drive has upgraded their service to use full SSL encryption (you can tell when you go to our domain you will see https instead of http in the address bar. All transactions you do through our website are secure and safe.

Quick Comparison of All Stark Drive Models (Before Upgrades)


here is a quick and easy comparison of all the major Stark Drive models before upgrades.

Referral Program is Live: $50 off per referral.


Our way of showing thanks!

We want to thank our customers for helping us launch the most affordable fully featured electric bikes in the world so we have implemented our referral system. You can access your unique referral code by logging into your account here:

If you dont already have a referral link visible you just click the button as shown below to get yours and send it to your friends.

Use it up to 8 times to get Stark Drive City Free!

Your unique code will work for up to 8 referrals meaning that if you do refer 8 friends to get Stark Drive, your bike will be for free*

Email us if you can not access your referral code or if you have any questions about the program at

*Plus applicable shipping costs.

Relaunch of Stark Drive Electric Bike Crowdfunding Campaign

Stark Drive is Back!

Just as Winston Churchill stated, we at Stark Drive have one goal:

"Everyone should have the opportunity to be able to obtain an affordable electric bike"

To achieve this we have worked tirelessly to get the most affordable electric bike to market bar none. Some called us 'retards' and that we could never sell a quality electric bike for a starting price of $399. We will prove them wrong and our 'Stark' Determination to achieve our goals will continue. 'When one closes a door they open a window' and we think that launching our campaign from our own website will help us in several ways.

Limited Edition Electric Blue Stark Drive Advanced


Cruise in Style with Limited Edition Stark Drive Electric Blue

For those that want to stand out in the crowd with a color choice that we will only have available during our crowdfunding launch campaign, we have created Stark Drive in a fantastic Electric Blue. In addition to being available in Matt White and Black, for those that choose Stark Drive Advanced, you can be the proud owner of this exclusive color choice.

Prevent Theft With a GPS Enabled Stark Drive Electric Bike


We have worked to incorporate a feature normally found only on very high end electric bikes selling for thousands of dollars whereby you are able to locate and track your Stark Drive remotely using any computer, tablet or mobile phone. Our system is hidden inside the frame as are all other components that would otherwise make the bike look like an electric bike.

Whats the Low Down On USB Charging with Stark Drive?


We want Stark Drive to be a companion both while riding it and once you arrive to your destination which is why we built every Stark Drive to include a USB charging system which draws energy from the internal battery pack in order to charge anything USB powered.