Stark Drive eVTOL


E VTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft are a new and exciting development in the world of aviation. These aircraft have the ability to take off and land vertically, similar to a helicopter, but are powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels. This makes them more environmentally friendly and efficient than traditional aircraft.

One of the main benefits of eVTOL aircraft is their ability to take off and land in a small area. This makes them ideal for urban areas, where traditional aircraft would struggle to find space to land and take off. They also have the ability to fly at low altitudes, making them less affected by weather conditions than traditional aircrafts.

Another advantage of eVTOL aircraft is their efficiency. Electric motors are much more efficient than traditional combustion engines, which means that eVTOL aircraft consume less energy and produce fewer emissions. This makes them a more sustainable option for transportation.

E VTOL aircraft also have the potential to revolutionize transportation by reducing travel time and increasing accessibility. They can fly at high speeds, making them much faster than traditional aircraft, and could make it possible for people to travel from one city to another in a matter of minutes. They could also make it possible for people in remote areas to have access to air travel for the first time.

Despite the many benefits of eVTOL aircraft, there are also some challenges that need to be addressed. One of the main challenges is the issue of noise pollution. Electric motors are much quieter than traditional combustion engines, but eVTOL aircraft still produce noise with their propellers. Stark Drive is working on ways to reduce the noise emissions of eVTOL aircraft to minimize the impact on communities in conjunction with our development process and there are some exciting technologies we hope to incorporate into our craft.

We believe eVTOL aircraft are a promising development in the world of aviation. They are more efficient, sustainable, and versatile than traditional aircraft, and have the potential to revolutionize transportation. 

Stark Drive Lineup Manufacturing Improvements


We at Stark Drive are always looking to improve our bikes so that they are more rugged, durable and refine the electronics on our bikes.  In our latest batch of Stark Drive Bikes which were recently completed we are pleased to have implemented a number of improvements which not only enhance the users interaction with the bike but also make refinements to improve the protection of critical components on the bike to protect from accidental riding damage when going off road. 

Our dedicated team of assemblers work tirelessly to ensure that every bike that leaves the line are properly assembled and will work right out of the box.

Here you can see 

Here are all the accessories that you need to ensure your Stark Drive bike is working properly.  These are securely packed in a seperate box for shipping. 

More photos of our assembly process

Here is how we box our Bikes, in double walled cardboard with bubble padding on the does to ensure that there is no damage in transit. 

A photo of some completed bikes. 

New for 2022 we are including a protective metal reinforcement bar near the delicate components to protect them from damage while riding.  This area is where the motor cable connects to the electrical systems on the bike as well as the derailer.   

Stark Drive Aviation Update

For those of you who made it this far in the post a special treat with respect to an update to our aviation ambitions.  Stark Drive has now completed the scale model prototype of our new electrically powered VTOL aircraft and it is undergoing flight tests.  We have spared no expense in ensuring that our aircraft takes advantage of the latest advancements on the market today to improve flight time, carrying capacity and performance.  Shortly we will be making the big reveal on our new aircraft with specifications, as well as special launch pricing for those that decide to pre order.


Stark Drive Torque (Thin Tire) complete and Shipping


We at Stark Drive have achieved one of our dreams, the ultimate folding mid motor electric bike set has now been completed.  The Stark Drive Torque Max (Fat Tire) Models were completed a few weeks ago with some delays on components for the thin tire version.  Now we have finally completed our limited batch of Thin Tire Stark Drive Torque bikes as you can see a small sampling of below.  These bikes are all equipped with fingerprint biometrics to lock the bike as well as a host of other upgrades and features which we have discussed at length in previous blog posts.  

Stark Drive uses the most advanced Bafang mid motors to drive these fast and efficient bikes along with our largest battery packs for a huge amount of range.  There are a limited number of these bikes available on our stock page here www.starkdrive.bike/stock

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at hello@starkdrive.com or via our online website chat. 

Stark Drive Torque Thin Tire + Stark Drive Personal Aircraft Development


Stark Drive Torque

Stark Drive is almost done with the final manufacturing for Stark Drive Torque which took longer due to the fact that for the thin tire bafang motor we required a different light and horn solution for compatibility.  below you can see a video of the testing of this solution which is confirmed working. we hope that these bikes will be completed in approximately 2 weeks. 

Stark Drive Aircraft Development

we find the electrified personal recreational aircraft space very interesting and we are well into development of our first prototype which we hope to have completed by late october 2022. We have worked to ensure that anything that we considered were underperforming aspects of design from a few other players in the marketplace were addressed.  we are using the latest technologies in the development of our aircraft and our focus as always will be to build an ultra affordable and configurable system that can adapt to the way you want to use it.  

Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire Have Shipped!


We are so incredibly excited to finally announce that after a wait which was made much too long due to circumstances beyond our control we can finally announce that all of our customers worldwide who pre ordered Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire 1000W will be receiving their bikes shortly as they all have shipped.  we will be following up with tracking information for all the bikes once we receive this information from our logistics partner. here is a video demo of the features of this unique and design protected bike. 

The Fingerprint reader has been installed on all bikes to keep the design more simple.  You can see how the fingerprint reader (which can register hundreds of fingerprints to share the bike) both can activate and disable power on the bike.  

We have a few additional Torque Fat tire models fully loaded which we produced in order to save some time, if you are interested in one of these models, they will ship immediately, please contact us at hello@starkdrive.com.

We are also pleased to announce that we have upgraded the Stark Drive Torque Thin Tire addition from 250w motors to 350w motors free of charge as a way to make it up to our customers whom have waited so long.  we are still working on completing these bikes which had some issues with the front and rear light/horn assembly.  These will be done in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

Stark Drive

Stark Drive Torque - F.A.T. and Confirmation of Function


We are finished with the FAT (Final Acceptance Testing) which was required to have all the electronics together on a bike in order to test and confirm that everything will function together.  Of note is that Bafang does not by default include a horn connection on their wiring harness so we needed to create a workaround so that it would function properly.  Below you can see some videos of the bike in action including that the fingerprint reader works quickly and disables system power.  

We have asked for a slight revision to the cable for the fingerprint reader which will take 10-15 days to complete at which point all the components will be populated the bikes, go through a final QC check and then boxed and shipped to the luck people that have reserved this powerful, fast and one-of-a-kind bike. 

We have also upgraded the Torque (thin tire model) Tires from 1.95 inches to 2.35 inches for more traction due to the amount of power that one can harness with the Bafang mid motor that is included on these models. 

Stark Drive Torque Update - Electronics Being Refined


Torque Update

An update to those that pre ordered one of our limited edition Stark Drive Torque bikes (both Torque and Torque Max (AKA Fat Tire). 

The final assembly is progressing as per plan for the torque bikes, here you can see a photo of the components (minus the bafang motor) have been populated to these fat tire bikes which will eventually sport a 1000W bafang Motor.  These motors are exceptionally well built and there has been talk on the interwebs of people upgrading these to upwards of 2500W in their stock condition. 

There is currently refinement of the electrical systems as we are proud to announce here and now that all models will have the capability to be upgraded to include fingerprint recognition unlocking. Stark Drive is one of the first to add biometrics to the Bafang mid motor bikes so a bit more coordination was necessary with our engineers and those that work at the exceptional company Bafang to ensure that operation works as expected with the proper connections to the motor system and battery which all flow through the motor in order to monitor the battery state so that all the information displays properly on the display which is also supplied by Bafang.

We hope that these are all completed in the coming days so that they can go through their final testing and finally be boxed up and shipped around the world to those lucky enough to snag one of these unique and powerful electric bikes that are sure to turn heads wherever you travel.

We appreciate the patience that has been shown by our customers as these are completely unique bikes that are patented by Stark Drive and as such have taken longer to manufacture compared to several of our competitors which simply use open mold bike frames and add components onto these base units.

If you have any questions we welcome them at hello@starkdrive.com. 

Flight Ambitions

Stark Drive continues in its pursuits to push forward into the VTOL space with the manufacture of the worlds most affordable and safe aircraft which we conservatively expect to have flight times of 30 minutes, will be using non flammable and exceptionally safe solid state batteries as well as an included ballistic parachute as an option for those that want to take the craft up to its planned max 1500m HAGL.  

Stark Drive Torque Frames Completed


Stark Drive Torque Frames

we are pleased to present a few photos of some of our completed Stark Drive Torque Frames, they have now been painted and are on their way to the assembly factory where all the components that will be added to these handsome frames are ready and waiting. 

Stay tuned for more photos and video of assembly and testing this upcoming week.

Stark Drive Torque and Torque Max Undergoing Painting


Looking past the complexities of the Electrical Systems on a Stark Drive Electric Bike, even the painting process is multi-step and complex requiring 9 phases in order to get the durable and beautiful finish that all our bikes arrived to our customers doors:

3 Coats for primer painting, to make the frame to be smooth and neat
2 Coats for top coat, that is the final color of the bike
1 step for transfer our logo
1 step for drying label and finally,
2 coats for a matt finish

Video Located here:

Stark Drive Mini - The First Electric Bike That Can Fly


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Many people who travel want to be able to bring their electric bikes with them but with the current regulations by the FAA and carriers worldwide they can unfortunately not bring their electric bikes on the flight due to the batteries exceeding the limit of 160WH, a strict limit that is imposed which enables one to bring even a large laptop with equally powerful battery on board (as well as a spare) but this limit generally restricts electric bike owners from bringing their batteries when they travel. 

Due to the light weight of Stark Drive Mini and its compact size, its the perfect bike to bring with you anywhere you travel be it by boat, train, bus, subway, or even by air.  At Stark Drive we have developed a unique battery pack that stays within the imposed limits for air carriers so that you can bring you batteries on board and stow your bike as checked luggage at the same time. 

Having the freedom to use Stark Drive Mini wherever you travel has enabled a lot of our customers to enjoy their surroundings while on vacation and we will continue to develop products that benefit our customers so that they dont have to change their lifestyles no matter where they travel. 

A new batch of Airline Compliant Stark Drive Mini Batteries

We pay for Ideas! 

If you have any ideas which would make your electric bike better we would love to hear from you, email us at hello@starkdrive.com and we will even pay you for ideas if we decide to implement them in our wide range of electric bikes.