Looking Forward To The Bright Future of Electrified Transportation


Electric Bikes have come a long way in even the last 5 years when looking at industrial design and ergonomics not to mention the economics of owning an electric bike. 

''E-Bike Sales to grow from 3.7 million to 17 million per year by 2030'' - Forbes

''The electric bicycle boom in the US is bigger than we thought, and it's only getting bigger'' - Electrek

''Cities are Transforming as electric Bike sales skyrocket'' - The Verge

''The e-bike is the perfect gadget for the COVID-19 pandemic'' - Fast Company

We have been working hard at Stark Drive to keep up with the demand for our bikes with the US market doubling e-bike imports in 2020 with special focus on our supply upstream supply chain with a focus on improving Stark Drives specifications as well as maintaining our industry leading prices. 

Our Customers Have Spoken

In our quest to  improve our range of bikes many of our customers have asked for more power and better acceleration.  This presented a challenge to us as we wanted to improve these characteristics however we still needed to stay true to our pricing model. The upgrade from 36V to 48V across the range of our higher power bikes was a challenge that we were pleased we were able to be able overcome in 2020. 

Focus on Stark Drive Torque

We are of the firm belief that (affordable) torque based electric bikes are the future of electric bikes with their more powerful engines to the more compact and efficient design and we are happy to announce good results with the second prototype Stark Drive Torque and Torque Max which we have been testing over the last several months.  The Fingerprint recognition was one of the most interesting features allowing us to lock and unlock the bike without needing to worry about a key and with the future upcoming smartphone integration and GPS tracking we believe we have a truly unique transportation system for the masses.

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to those that have helped to launch Stark Drive by backing us when we launched in 2017 as well as the thousands of customers that have ordered after our campaign ended.  We also extremely appreciate those customers that ordered from us in the midst of the pandemic and the extended wait times they had to endure due to issues with logistics, your patience has not gone unnoticed and we will be offering you a special credit on our site for free products/merchandise.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive's Next Generation of Bikes - Torque


The electric bike industry is moving very quickly with startups appearing on a regular basis. Many of these start ups, not unlike ourselves when we first launched, simply take existing open mold designs and paint their branding on the bike to resell in the marketplace.

However although we used an existing mold design, we really wanted to think out of the box when it came to standard features, a customizable design and affordability, a trifecta that in 2017, and even today, is lacking in the marketplace for the simple reason that its very hard to accomplish.

We have been working hard to improve our line up to keep pace with the developments in the industry and have recently finished our latest back of bikes with an 33% improvement on system-wide voltage (from 36V to 48V) resulting in better power delivery and improved efficiency, something we have talked about in our previous blog posts.

Stark Drive Torque

We are also looking forward to the launch of Stark Drive Torque which will again be a first for the industry in that we will be offering a mid motor, bafang based, Torque driven electric bike. The advantages of a Torque based electric bike to that of a cadence based are numerous with the greatest benefit being instant response to changing riding conditions such as in the image below.

Stark Drive Stock

Our new generation of bikes are very fast, topping out at 1000W and improved cell chemistry in our battery packs using the latest that Panasonic has to offer. Below you can see a chart of expected performance based on the PAS level and expected range.

Follow us on instagram, twitter, and facebook: @starkdrive for our latest announcements and if you are interested in the launch of Stark Drive Torque, join our mailing list at www.starkdrive.world.

Thank you

Stark Drive Team
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Stark Drive Advanced 48V Ultra Power: Black Friday Sale



We are excited to share with you that for 2020 Stark Drive is going big with Black Friday!

For a very limited time (until November 28th) we will be offering our most powerful and fully loaded Stark Drive Ultra Power bike for an unbelievable discount of $200 and FREE SHIPPING! As you know these bikes are finished and will be shipped to you from our Asian warehouse which will take about 30-35 days depending on where you are located in the world. (these will be shipped by sea as due to the pandemic we are having trouble securing a full container and instead will share a container with other parties).

You can read more information about the many improvements we have made to this bike on our blog here:


To get this discount you simply follow this link and select the color you are interested in:


Then at checkout use the coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2020

For more information about the specifications of the fully loaded Stark Drive Ultra Power scroll down. This bike is fully loaded with PAS, Throttle, our max Panasonic batteries as well as front light and horn as well as electrically integrated rear light and rack (not pictured above).


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC


We believe that Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power will totally upend the affordable electric bike market and city transportation as a whole. We have built Stark Drive to be durable, perfect for many usage case scenarios for both that are tight on space or enjoy the open road. We have pre-configured this unit of Stark Drive with the most important upgrades to ensure maximum usability while keeping it 100% legal in the USA as a registration free electric bike. We use the latest advanced Tesla inspired lithium batteries and the most powerful geared motors we could develop and on top of that Stark Drive takes just seconds to fold when storing it in tight spaces or on public transport.

We have upgraded the braking system on this powerful bike with even better stopping power versus our standard disc brakes.

We have also upgraded the front light to provide even more visibility in low lighting conditions with 4 powerful LEDs versus our Standard 2 LED System.


Above you can see the the pre-configured bike we have custom built for our customers providing an excellent balance of performance with affordability and most importantly complete compliance with all USA regulations for electric bikes. Options such as the Stark Drive Cargo Bag, Custom Built Stark Drive lock, or Warranty Upgrade can be added to this bike if desired in our accessories section.

Take stark drive with you in your vehicle, fitting nicely even in a compact hatchback or even on the bus or train so that you can handle that last mile of travel in style and comfort. Stark Drive is the most affordable electric bike on the market at this price class and configuration bar none. Please contact us if you find anything better and we will reward you.**


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a 1000W hub motor which is the perfect balance of power and performance for the typical city based commuter with a little bit of extra umph for those coastal travels and light trail riding. The motor is speed limited from the factory at 32kph as per USA regulations. These limitations can be unrestricted after delivery. The drive system on Stark Drive is a Cadence Pedal Assist (PAS) System.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a bike computer which give you a total of 5 levels of pedal assist. This will let you choose a lower level of pedal assist when trying to maximize range or a higher level of assist when in hilly areas or hauling a heavy load for towing capacity. The display also has a battery level indicator, total real time amp draw from the battery in order to gauge how much energy you are using as well as odometer and speed traveled. The bike computer also controls the bikes core functions such as speed limitation, should you choose to install a different diameter tire on Stark Drive etc.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power uses a 100% aluminum frame for maximum durability, and strength while keeping the total weight at the top of its class. At a weight of approximately 25kg we are ultra competitive in the sector with respect to weight to power ratio.


Stark Drive Advanced Ultra Power includes a 17 Ah battery pack made with 18650 Panasonic Cells that is unique to Stark Drive. We use Tesla inspired batteries of the highest quality from Japan. The battery is the most important component on Stark Drive and its quality will deliver power for hundreds of charges and in all weather conditions. The battery is perfectly designed for Stark Drive and fits completely hidden with the frame making the bike look, to the untrained eye, just like your average regular pedal bike. The battery is perfect for towing or more challenging terrain terrain. You will get approximately 30-60km of pedal assist from the battery at the lowest setting*

*Note that range estimates are dependent on rider and load total weight, wind speed, terrain, and temperature.


We have installed what we believe are the perfect tires on Stark Drive. They are classed as all terrain tires and measure in at 5 cm x 26cm in diameter.

Stark Drive Carbon Update


With the popularity of 20'' Fat tire Bikes we wanted to take a look to see if we could make improvements on the existing open mold (read Chinese cookie cutter bike) designs available in the marketplace being sold with dozens of different names painted on the side.

The main issues that, in our view, hampered these standard designs were the hub based motors which are based on a magnet sensing PAS that requires the user to pedal several times before the assist function is activated as well as the inescapable weight associated with the heavy duty frames that accommodate the fat tires on these styles of bikes.

The solution to this was to:

  1. work to somehow reduce the total weight of the bike by using a strong material other than aluminum alloy
  2. change the drive system to one that is not only more powerful than even a 1000W variant of these bikes but one that responds instantly to the user

We discussed this in our mater plan here: https://starkdrive.bike/masterplan/

While our time schedule has slipped somewhat from our original goal we have not rested on our laurels with the design and development of this bike and are pleased to introduce:


We know the video is short but there is not much to see yet besides the motor mated to the frame. The final assembly should be finished in a couple of days and the bike will be shipped to us shortly.

We would like to add that this is a worldwide patented and registered design and thus will unfortunately not be available to shameless competitors that want to jump on the mid motor band-bandwagon, at least with the frame design above. We are working to improve the design with front shocks custom designed for this frame design which unfortunately we did not have time to complete before the manufacturing of this first prototype.

Ultimately, we anticipate the same features that we offered in Stark Drive Torque (www.starkdrive.world) to be available on this design such as fingerprint recognition unlocking, wireless charging, and much much more.

Stay tuned for our first hands on videos which we hope to have available early 2021.

Stay Safe and Healthy and Keep Riding.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive Manufacturing Update October 2020


Manufacturing Update Oct 2020

We are super excited to see that not only are the first groups of bikes finished and tested (as you can see in the video below) but they are currently being boxed up in preparation to be picked up by our logistics partners to make their way to you all around the world.

The ongoing pandemic has subsided somewhat in our manufacturing facilities with our suppliers more regularly delivering our components in order to get our bikes out the door as fast as possible.

The Most Advanced and Highest Powered Stark Drive to date

Our customers worldwide have asked for more power and we endeavour to deliver, and deliver we have. Our entire range in this batch has shifted to 48V up from 36V meaning less strain on the battery, higher speeds and more torque from our hub motor based bikes.

We have also improved the bike electronics systems across the board with more powerful lighting, improved braking systems and higher capacity batteries which are of course based on the most advanced Panasonic 18650 cells.

Speed and Function Test

Below you can see a quick test of one of our new 1000W variants of Stark Drive achieving nearly 50 kph (31 mph) in testing.

Note that the foam and protective plastics do cause noise as the tire is rubbing against them at insane speeds of approximately 386 RPM with a centrifugal force of 57 Gs

We are excited to be bringing you the next generation of Stark Drive and look forward to our upcoming launch of Stark Drive Torque (www.starkdrive.world) in 2021.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive - Stock - Nearing Completion


The Pandemic may have slowed us down but Stark Drive Perseveres

Production Back On Track!

We are really excited to finally see our production back on track with our latest batch of bikes. Above you will see a short video on the first in a series of our bikes nearing the finish line in their ultimate destination in the hands of a lucky Stark Drive owner to be enjoyed for thousands of KM's to come.

As we mentioned in previous post, we have upgrade feature across the board on this batch of Stock bikes including UPPING the system voltage to 48V across the line for more power and better electrical components and stronger braking systems to handle the significant improvement in speed.

36 to 48V Is a Big Deal!

The higher the voltage, the lower the necessary current draw for a given output power. For 500W power you draw about 14A from a 36V battery, while you only draw 10.5A from a 48V battery

The 36V system needs 1/3 higher current for the same power. Hence, you put more strain on the batterie cells in a 36V battery.

The less power you draw from a batterie, the less strain you put on the battery and the wiring. Simply put, the battery gets less hot and runs at higher efficiency when you raise the system voltage for a given power output and you can get away with thinner wires (or you use the same wires, but they run cooler with less resistance and again, higher efficiency).

Higher Power Lighting (Front and Rear)

With the higher voltages, we have more powerful front and rear lighting illuminating your journey while you travel further than ever before.

Now Get up to 1000W Of Power!

on our Stock page here www.starkdrive.bike/stock you can now get pre configured Stark Drive and Stark Drive Fat tire bikes up to 1000W as well as our new line of Stark Drive Mini also upgraded to 48V and 350W of power.

We have limited quantities of this batch of bikes and they are selling fast, stock quantities on our Stock page are updated with the actual quantities and once they are gone, it will be a long wait for another batch to be completed with the backlog.

Get your bike Now!

Thank you

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive Is Moving to 48V Across Our Lineup!


Hello Stark Drive Army!

We are super excited to announce that Stark Drive is being upgraded for 2020 in many major ways.

Although much of our staff has been working from home due to the ongoing pandemic, we have still been looking for ways to improve every aspect of Stark Drive and we are pleased to announce those upgrades to you today.

48V versus 36V

When we first launched Stark Drive in 2017, we chose 36V for several reasons. It was more common in the industry and with higher production volumes of 36V bikes worldwide, we were able to secure amazing pricing starting at only $399 for our base model. The battery packs for 36V bikes also require 1/3 less cells to achieve the AH ratings on our packs in comparison to their 48V equivalents of the same capacity however a 36v battery based systemwide voltage requires 1/3 more current for the same amount of power which is a definite downside. This means that riders would be putting more strain on the battery packs which consequently results on diminished total battery life.

However as you increase the voltage of the packs it puts less strain on the battery pack, drawing less current and consequently less strain on the wiring and therefore reducing the heat generated by internal resistance on the battery packs meaning higher efficiency. One can even reduce the diameter of the wiring diameter on the bike.

While you may ask: How do you fit the extra cells in the battery pack when the in-frame hidden battery pack has a fixed size? We actually switched to a larger frame size after generation three of Stark Drive (we are currently in generation 4) in preparation for the switch to 48V.

Our challenge was keeping the same pricing industry leading low pricing while upgrading to a more expensive motor, more expensive battery pack and higher quality controller. The good news is that as 48V bikes become more and more common the bulk pricing has decreased for all these components and as we have always focused on small margins on large volumes, we have been able to negotiate with our suppliers to keep our industry beating pricing while improving the bike from top to bottom.

A 48V bike gives our riders 33% more of everything, longer range, more power and more fun. A higher voltage system is also great for customers that are limited to 250w engines as you are benefiting from the extra power to give you much more assist and acceleration even if the maximum allowable assist is up to 25kph.

Improve Braking System

With the extra power that a 48V system provides we had to upgrade the braking System on Stark Drive to give you more stopping power.


Improved Front and Rear Led Lighting System

The new Stark Drive electrically integrated rear light has been upgrade from 4 to 11 LEDs that operate at 48V meaning they will be much brighter and more visible in even sunny conditions. An excellent safety feature for those that you zoom past.

The Front light has been upgraded from 2 standard LEDs to 4 High Illumination LEDs which offer much better visibility in low light conditions illuminating a much greater distance in front of you.

Hub Motors up to 1000W!

Possibly most exciting of all is that we are launching bikes with hub motor power up to 1000W. This combined with the systemwide 48V will deliver unparalleled power and speed for those that want to take Stark Drive off road in even the most challenging terrain.

Stark Drive Mini with Maximum Power

We have also improved Stark Drive Mini by upping the system voltage to 48V as well as increasing the hub motor power to 350W making this city commuter bike even more capable no matter the road conditions wherever you live.

Production Finishing Early September 2020

This new batch of bikes with more power and range are all finishing early September 2020 with many already spoken for. In order to secure your bike you can pre order here: www.starkdrive.bike/stock to ensure that its delivered to you as soon as possible.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drive Launches 750W & 1000W Variants of Stark Drive Advanced (Regular / Fat Tire)


If there is one consistent thing our customers have continually asked us for since our launch was MORE POWER and today we are responding with a limited quantity of STOCK 750W and 1000W Models of our popular Stark Drive Advanced. While we have done several one-offs for customers that wanted extra power for their commute these have typically been long lead time items which have taken up to 160 days to manufacture and ship. With the popularity of these models we have done a special run of just this more powerful version of Stark Drive which are available for purchase on the stock section of our website here:


There are a variety of colors available as well as your choice of thin or fat tire for each power level.

As we have L1e-A certification for up to 1000W in the EU they are legally allowed to be ridden once registered with your countries relevant authority (there are a variety of different methods of registration required in the EU depending on your country, we can provide you assistance with this on request.

In the USA 750W models are legal for road use in most States with some even allowing up to 1000W on public roads, check with your local authority on which applies to you.

These models are always able to be ridden on private property and/or not on public roads no matter where you are located.

The extra power that these models afford is not for the faint of heart and the exhilaration of accelerating with these power plants propelling you is something that never gets old. We have kitted each of these models out with every option that Stark Drive offers including our largest 17AH battery packs built with the latest Panasonic/LG 18650 cells, throttle, cruise control, and much much more...


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Electric Bike - Moving Mainstream in Daily Transport


With the improvement in battery energy density and sleek new designs that mimic the look of traditional bicycles with components hidden in the frame, we at Stark Drive have been working to not only lower the (cost) barrier to entry for electric bikes but also to promote them as viable and indispensable alternatives to private and even public daily transport.

Recent global events have demonstrated now more than ever that electric bikes are note only exceptionally utilitarian but can be a replacement for even the bus or train when commuting within city limits. As battery densities improve so does the range of electric bikes and with a few modifications to your electric bike you can turn it into the cargo carrier that will help you with your groceries, picking up your loved ones and more.

A recently published article on Sun Sentinel highlights the fact that the move to electric bikes, now more than ever, is accelerating and we at Stark Drive look forward to the near future when all bicycles have an electric component inbuilt by default to supplement the energy provided by the rider when needed so that no matter your age or physical ability, you can still take a bicycle to run your daily errands.


Even more evidence to the fact is a fantastic video that was produced by one of our favorite youtubers: JerryRigEverything on his youtube channel already back in 2018 where he custom built an electric bike for his wife resulting in a spectacular electric bike that they have even taken on safari.

Electric bikes used to be perceived as a method of cheating on physical activity however we believe the opposite in that it can not only help you to be even mor physically active but to have a fantastic time while doing so.

So get out, explore your surroundings, enjoy the great outdoors (while paying attention to social distancing if applicable) and get a breath of fresh air leaving your ICE at home.

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Stark Drives New and Improved Users Guide - FINALLY!


Hello Everyone,

All of us here at Stark Drive hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound during the exceptional times we are experiencing. We have been hard at work here to improve some aspects have been less than optimal in regards to our Stark Drive Users Guide which we had neglected for far too long.

While the final assembly of Stark Drive is not difficult with having to only assemble the front tire and pedals, it is definitely still good to have a reference guide that more clearly explains several of the bikes features as well as how to operate several of the functions which may not be as clear.

Below you will see our users manual as hosted by Scribd. You can download the manual through the link below and it will save as PDF on your desktop or mobile device.

You can find even more information under our FAQ here: https://starkdrive.bike/frequently-asked-questions... under the ASSEMBLY section of the FAQ.

Stark Drive Users Manual by Stark Drive on Scribd

Be sure to check back often as we will continually be improving the users guide based on customer feedback to include any requested information.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC