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Our Spring sale on Stark Drive Advanced Stock is still ongoing with the code STARKEASTER2020 which gets you free shipping on your purchase when you get any color of the following Stock Advanced model here:


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This promotion is valid while supplies last.

The Stark Drive Advanced model we have on promotion here is fully loaded with every feature add on we offer at Stark Drive including our highest capacity 17Ah battery pack, Powerful 500W motor as well as throttle, cruise control, electrically integrated rear lights and much much more.


We are also offering $75 to any referrals of Stark Drive from a confirmed existing owner who sends us a referral to a new customer. You can put the referee in the Notes field and we will credit that person via credit card once verified.

We at Stark Drive truly believe that electric bikes are the way of the future and even through these difficult times we are working to innovate and bring high end features to our affordably priced bikes and are working to launch our new and improved Stark Drive Mini as well as Stark Drive Torque in the coming months. More details coming soon.


Stark Drive Team
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Happy Earth Day And Ride Stark Drive


We wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy Earth Day from everyone here at Stark Drive. We have customers of all skill levels that use stark drive from the adventurous rider to the daily commuter. There are several benefits to riding Stark Drive which we wanted to touch on in this Earth Day Entry.

Carbon Minimized Transportation

When you compare the carbon footprint of Stark Drive with its lithium cells as well as fully recyclable bike frame know that the carbon footprint of our bikes is a fraction of that of ICE transportation and on top of that they are considered zero emission transportation. On top of this with the continual development of clean energy generation, you will be charging Stark Drive with clean energy in the near future if not already.

Preventing the Release of COx and Other Pollutants

Since Stark Drive runs on electric power, we release no greenhouse gases while riding our bikes. It is incredible the difference when people turn off their vehicles and travel using their own power or with electric vehicles. There have been satellite maps of late that show the dramatic differences in SMOG and other airborne pollutants in high density city environments. Something that we are normally breathing in which in the long term will lead to health problems.

Sustainable Energy Plants with our Batteries

One of the cool features of Stark Drive is the integrated USB charging on all our bikes and even cooler is the integrated USB output right on the battery pack on our upcoming Stark Drive Torque models. You can therefore use the battery pack as a power station wherever you travel so that you always have a clean sustainable form of energy to ensure you are connected or in cases of emergency.

Specially Selected Ultra-Premium Batteries

There are many different grades of batteries out there and on top of the ones available from manufacturers there are even copies of premium brands that flood the marketplace. We source all of our batteries direct from the manufacturer be it Panasonic (our preferred supplier), Samsung or LG. All our batteries are imported to our factory for the final stages of manufacturing to ensure that we build packs that are not only reliable but have the longevity to last for years.

Stay Healthy and Get to Where Your Going

An understated benefit of Stark Drive that can not be emphasized enough is that by commuting with our bikes you are working out your body, cardiovascular system and above all else keeping in motion. Stark Drive is a fun way to experience the out doors or even to run those errands that need doing on a daily basis, this in turn also releases positivity enhancing chemicals in your brain thereby even enhancing things like your immune system and helping you to be more alert as well as improving your reflexes.

Cycling Infrastructure

Its a common sight now a days to see a grid lock of vehicles on the freeway with each vehicle having one person at the wheel and noone else. this takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of energy to transport that person to where they are going which is why we always try to promote collective transportation and one of the benefits of Stark Drive and their ability to fold is that you can take them with you on the Subway or Bus to ensure that the last mile of your journey is covered. Lets work together to get vehicles off the road.

Stark Drive Launched in 2017

We have been working to push the limits of what we can offer to our customers in terms of features and benefits of the best technology that is available when it comes to electric bikes with the most important point of focus to keep our electric bikes affordable and ensure that the incumbents are challenged so that ultimately the global prices of electric bikes comes down. Stark Drive has sold thousands of bikes worldwide since 2017. Our goal in 2020 is to add 20,000 New riders of Stark Drive with the upcoming launch of Stark Drive Mini and Stark Drive Torque pictured respectively below.

Stark Drive Mini
Stark Drive Torque



Stark Drive Team
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Happy Easter - A 'STARK' Bonus On Stark Drive


Happy Easter to all of our original backers and our customers whom have decided to go electric and be more physically active or even those that decided to commute carbon free and leave your vehicle at home. We are still working hard during this challenging time to help get our production lines up and running again so that we can meet the demand for Stark Drive which had been halted for several months due to the pandemic that has spread worldwide over the last several months.

We are pleased to say that our production lines are now up and running and while we are still facing some challenges on shipping custom made bikes to customers worldwide, our STOCK bikes are ready to ship from our warehouses in North America and the EU. We have stock bikes pre configured in the most popular configurations for

  • Stark Drive City,
  • Stark Drive City+ and,
  • Stark Drive Advanced.

We are also working with our factory to get a production finished for a batch of Stark Drive Advanced with The RAD Power Upgrade at 750W, which we hope to have completed in the coming days.


For those of you whom have been trying to make up your mind about Stark Drive and all the advantages that our bikes have compared to the competition we have a special offer for those that read our blog. By mentioning STARKEASTER2020 in the notes section of the order page when placing your order, we will immediately credit back to you all shipping costs when purchasing Stark Drive Advanced here after you make the purchase through our website:


This is a savings of several hundred $'s off the cost of our electric bikes (shipping costs vary depending on shipping location).

This sale will last for anyone that reads this blog post and purchases a bike up to May 31st 2020.


Once more of our restrictions on movement have been eased we will be taking the second prototype of Stark Drive Torque out and about for testing and we will be posting information about the bike, its improved features, as well as hopefully more independent reviews of the bike. Stark Drive Torque will come in two versions, a regular tire with a fully EU road legal mid drive system provided to us by our partners at BAFANG as well as an off road professional 'MAX' version which will use Bafang's most powerful motor system at 750W. The more powerful version will even have the ability to be modded by the end user to get even more power out of these incredibly robust and well built drive systems with many users reporting up to 2500W of power out of these motors with the right power configuration which we can provide to our backers. It's truly the most powerful and fastest motor available on the market today.


We will be relaunching Mini in the fall with improved features and upgraded power systems (48V). If you would like more information on this launch in order to be one of the early birds where we will be offering several upgrades free of charge you can sign up on our website here: www.starkdrive.world

Thank you from the entire team at Stark Drive!


Stark Drive Team
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Xiaomi Launch Electric Mopeds: A1 and A1 Pro with Pedals?


We love when companies try new things, especially when it comes to electric transportation and Xiaomi has been an active player in the electric bike and electric moped and scooter market for several years now with unbelievable pricing, although the majority of their products can only be purchased in China. That being said, their newly launched device seems to be an electric scooter with pedals haphazardly attached at the last minute to afford it the title of electric bike, although looking at the specifications, one would not confuse this with anything but a moped style device:

Technical data the A1-mopeds:

  • size: 161 x 68 x 104 cm (length x width x height)
  • weight: 52 kg
  • tires: 16 inch
  • degree of protection: IPX6
  • colors: White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray

They have a EU friendly maximum speed of 25kph and claim that they can travel 60km on a charge using a battery that is rated at 16ah on the lower end and 70km with a 20ah battery on the higher end model. The math does not entirely add up with the range offerings based on battery capacity however it may be due to the fact that these devices are heavy, 52kg on the base model and understandably heavier higher end model with a larger battery pack.

Comparing the pricing however is another thing. These moped-bikes are very competitively priced at a starting price of only $420 which is unbelievable value for something of this nature.

You would not be able to bring these on public transport due to the sheer size and weight and of course many public transport systems worldwide have certain requirements such that the device must be able to fold for carriage.

One of the very interesting things with these models are the high quality IPS displays which provides the rider a host of useful information as well as support for touch control, or voice input (somewhat hard to use in more dense traffic conditions we would imagine). they also include wide angle cameras which record all of whats going on around you which is an interesting feature that we have looked into including on our upcoming Stark Drive Torque, both from a safety perspective and to be able to share your rides with family and friends. That being said, they also include GPS navigation but we think with the ubiquity of smart phones, that feature could easily be taken care of by your own mobile device.

Comparing this to our base Stark Drive Mini just based on price and you can see that for $299 you could get a folding full electric bike that weighs in at around 13kg which is less than a third the weight of this device and with Mini you can also bring it on a plane with you as the battery is compliant with IATA regulations on battery capacity. Mini also includes a throttle (if you configure it with one) so that the Xiaomi device although practical in terms of range for continuous city use, think delivery drivers, it does not really compete in terms of convenience if you want to use it for last mile commuting while also using public transport or even your vehicle (which hopefully by now is electric right?). Mini ships worldwide and can be configured with a high capacity battery, carbon belt drive system, and a host of other features depending on the end use case. Did we mention you can get whatever color you like? maybe even a unique pattern using hydrographics?

That being said, it's great to see manufactures trying new things and helping to hone and refine the technology that is out there when it comes to electrified transportation.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

New York Legalizes Electric Bikes, Even With A Throttle


We at Stark Drive are excited for the over 8.5 Million people that live in New York in that they have finally legalized Electric Bikes (both pedal assisted and full electric throttle driven) for all residents of the state. We learned of the news first on a report by The Verge here:


This is excellent news for both commuters and those that have traded in a vehicle and are using electric bikes to make deliveries in metropolitan areas in New York State. In helping get vehicles off the road and more people on two wheels, we are helping not only the environment but also reliving congestion and improving air quality.

There are regulations behind the three classes of electric bikes which include:

Class 1 is pedal-assisted with no throttle,
Class 2 is throttle-assisted with a maximum speed of 20 mph and,
Class 3 is throttle-powered with a maximum speed of 25 mph.

Each come with regulations in regards to safety equipment required. It is our opinion at Stark Drive that no matter what your ebikes stop speed, one should always wear safety equipment to protect yourself when you are riding.

This is a step in the right direction for helping to make downtown centers car free so that both cyclists and pedestrians can safely take advantage of the surroundings.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

All Stark Drive Models In Stock! 3-5 Days Delivery



With our focus on ensuring that we minimize waiting times for our advanced and ultra affordable electric bikes we have focused on our supply chain and were able to successfully manufacture and ship to our warehouses worldwide our most popular configurations of Stark Drive before the current manufacturing slowdown which has effected our manufacturing partners in China. While it is still true that if you build a custom Stark Drive electric bike the waiting time will be up to 160 days and possibly beyond this figure due to the current situation, we diligently planned ahead removing the main critique about our bikes, that being the delivery times, when we had originally launched Stark Drive in 2017 to ensure that our customers are able to be up and riding in no time when the order from our stock section here:


You can order either the City, City+ or even the Advanced model here in various colors based on your preference. For our EU model bikes, the City, we have all applicable EU taxes included right in the price so you pay no more at checkout. Note that for our imports there is an 80% duty Charge as well as a 21% vat charge based on our country of import. This adds up to over 100% the value of Stark Drive however we have rolled these costs into our pricing as well as working to keep our prices as low as possible on this popular and fully legal EU model with a power 250W motor and generous 9ah battery pack which can easily get you 45 to 60km on a single charge based on your road conditions and level of assist.


For our customers that are interested in taking Stark Drive off public roads, no matter where you are located in the world we have a special on our Stark Drive Advanced Stock bike that, for a limited time, will include not only all applicable taxes but also all shipping costs for an unbelievable $1400 US shipped anywhere in the world. As we expect these to be used off road, we have configured these bikes with our upgraded Fat Tires which can be adjusted to your terrain conditions by inflating or deflating the tires accordingly. This bike includes many of our most popular upgrades and includes our popular 'throttle' option which lets you go full electric when the situation demands it. It also has our custom Stark Drive 500W hub motor system for extra power when needed.


Take Stark Drive on your next adventure knowing that you will have the power and range that you need. Use our inbuilt USB charge to keep your mobile phone topped up to ensure that when you are off the beaten path, you can find you way back. Take advantage of our 21 gears to ensure that you can traverse any incline. As always, all Stark Drive models include a front light and a horn for safety, a feature that many of our competitors charge extra for or do not even include as an option with their bikes. We have also included unique features that are rarely seen on the market such as 'cruise control' so that you can set your speed and forget it without needing to pedal or use the throttle. All our stock models also now include the rear light per default, again as a safety feature as they illuminate with extra intensity when you are using the brakes to inform those whom are behind you that you are braking, just like a standard vehicle. These are a requirement in several jurisdictions throughout the world.


We are looking forward to the (re)launch of Stark Drive Torque with even more improved features from our first prototype and we will be publishing more details on this new model as well as in depth videos in the coming days. Stark Drive Torque includes features such as fingerprint recognition unlocking, wireless charging, a completely redesigned battery pack that can function as a power plant when removed from the bike so that you are never without power no matter how off road you take your bike. With up to 22ah of power and a refined system wide power upgrade on some models to 48V, Torque will give you not only extra power when your ride demands it but also the range that many of our customers are looking for. For Torque we have partnered with BAFANG and have opted to use their ultra powerful Mid Motor drive system with our Torque Max using their famous and ultra powerful M600 engine with an unbelievable 160Nm of torque and many users have configured this motor to run at up to 2500W, although our shipping versions top out at 1000W of power to comply with legislative regulations. These power levels are user configurable and we will provide the hardware to make adjustments after our launch.

Keep safe and ride well


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Now More Than Ever, It's A Great Time To Commute With Stark Drive


There is a lot of hysteria spreading around the globe right now with COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus) and this has lead to recommendations that people isolate themselves in their homes. For those of us that can work from home, it is an excellent recommendation in order to stem the transmission of this virulent disease however if your surroundings are anything like what we are experiencing in Stockholm right now, the streets, are empty and there is only so much Netflix that one can ensure before needing to exercise.

In these uncertain times, you can count on Stark Drive to continue to offer unbelievably affordable fully loaded electric bikes at a fraction of our competitions pricing. Furthermore the benefits of our range of electric bikes being able to be folded and brought indoors with you no matter how cramped your accommodation ensures that your bikes will be safe by your side and ready to use when you need them to get around.

While we are in full agreement with social distancing and taking care to wash your hands to ensure good health, however we believe that an excellent way to stay health is to exercise and there is no better way to do that than with an electric bike. No matter if your 5 to 95 years of age, whatever your physical ability or skill level, an electric bike can ensure that you can both exercise and safely get from point a to b no matter what.

Stark Drive is an excellent way to reconnect with nature and your surroundings inspiring positive energy and optimism.

Last week the NYTimes reported a 52% surge in people commuting with their bicycles in order to avoid public transportation:


And from our correspondence with customers around the world, we have noticed the same thinking throughout Europe and Asia.

The benefits of commuting via electric bike are many and include improved health, saving money (a monthly pass for public transport here in the EU for example costs approximately $95), reducing climate change by avoiding oil driven transportation and simply experiencing the world around you instead of being confined to a motor driven vehicle.

Stark Drive's Mission Statement has from the start been to offer ultra affordable electric bikes with the latest features that were fully configurable so that anyone, no matter their income level, could afford to go electric. To that effect we have enabled thousands of people around the world to ditch their gasoline powered transport and travel green and we will continue to refine, and advance the electric bike market to our utmost.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Jeep Releases Eye Wateringly Priced Electric Bike With Less Features Than Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire 3X The Price


We at Stark Drive are always excited when new electric bikes are released to keep the entire industry on its toes and help to push the technology forward. Competition is important as lack thereof will stifle innovation however companies must have a sense of other similarly configured bikes in the marketplace when releasing new models.

The new Jeep model pictured above uses the same engine as our Stark Drive Torque Fat tire albeit at a price 3x as much. Just as the jeep you can get a lot more power out of the engine and contrary to what was reported by electrek the engine can comfortably handle up to 2500W of power with a properly configured battery pack.

Without knowing much more about the specification we are unsure if you can connect to the engine to change the configuration settings on the motor like you can with our electric bike and furthermore we include such features as:

  • Fingerprint recognition unlocking (leave your keys at home)
  • High Power USB out on the battery pack
  • Wireless charging for your mobile
  • Bafang GO app connectivity being tested, and
  • Worldwide GPS tracking option.

The starting price of Stark Drive Torque Fat tire will be a modest $1999 when we relauch it in Late Spring/Early Summer 2020.

In the mean time we are refining the design and hope to add even more features to this already feature-packed electric bike when we release the first models to our customers.

You can find more information, sign up for launch information as well as 3D views of our two models Stark Drive Torque and Stark Drive Torque Max on our website:



Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC

Tips to Increase your Range with Stark Drive (Credits: EbikeSchool.Com)


So you love your electric bicycle, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could go just a bit farther on a charge? Ebike batteries are constantly being improved as new technology is developed, but it seems that no matter how far you can go, a little more ebike range is always better.

The good news is that there are a number of simple things you can do to improve your ebike range and eek out every last electron from your battery. While you can always upgrade parts on your electric bicycle to increase your range, simple riding behavioral changes can also have a huge impact on your ebike’s range and give you the best bang for your buck!

1. Go easy on the throttle

I know, it’s fun to twist the throttle all the way back and fly off into the sunset, or just tear away from the traffic light. But each time you accelerate you are using comparatively way more energy than just standard cruising. If you have a CycleAnalyst or other watt meter, you’ll see that cruising on flat ground might pull 5 or 10 amps, while accelerating can easily max you out at your controller’s limit, often 20 or 30 amps.

Instead of going full throttle when you want to accelerate, try to ease into the throttle and accelerate a bit slower. By taking a few seconds longer to get up to speed, you keep the amount of power used by your battery much lower. This not only leaves more energy in the battery for a longer ride, it also helps keep the battery cooler, which lets it use that same energy more efficiently. And better efficiency = better ebike range.

2. Try to pedal while you accelerate

Because acceleration is the heaviest single use of battery power on your electric bicycle, if you pedal for even a few seconds as you accelerate you can cut your energy usage during that phase by as much as half. That translates to some pretty big energy savings, especially if you are riding in a lot of stop and go traffic.

A lot of people get addicted to the throttle and don’t like to pedal, but think of it as a few seconds of free exercise that also extends your ebike range (and keeps you from having to pedal later when your battery runs down).

3. Coasting drastically increases your ebike range

When you know you’ll be coming to a stop ahead, such as before a traffic light or stop sign, let off the throttle in advance and coast to the stop. Riding full throttle until the moment you start braking is wasting precious battery energy. You have to come to a stop anyways, why not save your energy by cutting the throttle an extra 50 yards ahead of your stop?

It might add a few more seconds to your total trip time, but if you can’t live without those three or four seconds, perhaps your ebike range isn’t your biggest worry in life.

4. Slow down a bit (and enjoy life)

If you aren’t in a hurry and you aren’t trying to keep up with traffic for safety reasons, try slowing down just a tad. Even a couple miles per hour will make a significant decrease in the amount of energy you are using to maintain that speed.

Energy use vs speed isn’t linear, so dropping your speed by just 5% is actually saving a good deal more than 5% of your energy. In other words, slowing down a couple miles per hour can have a big affect on your ebike range.

5. Keep your tires pumped up

Tires that are kept at their maximum air pressure rating have less rolling resistance, meaning your battery wastes less energy getting you moving. I’m still trying to find a study of bicycle tire pressure vs energy usage, but similar studies conducted using car tires have consistently indicated an increase in range of about 3%.

If this data holds true for bicycles as well, that means if you have a current ebike range of 30 kilometers, keeping your tires maxed out could add an entire kilometer to your range. Who wouldn’t take an extra kilometer for free?

6. Keep your battery fully charged whenever possible

Lithium batteries, like any battery, will obviously get the most range when they are completely topped off at 100% charge. You aren’t going to go as far on half a tank, so to speak.

Some people get by with just charging their battery once a week if they are only making short trips throughout the week. The problem with this method is that the battery sits in a partially discharged state for much of its life. This means that if you suddenly want (or need) to make a long trip, you could be in trouble.

My rule of thumb is “if you used your bike that day, charge it that night”.

When I come home from a ride, my battery generally goes right on the charger. This also helps me not forget to charge the night before and end up waking to a mostly discharged battery in the morning. That feeling isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it’s close.

7. Keep a second, smaller charger on your ebike

I like to use a powerful charger with a big cooling fan at home (even though my wife hates the noisy fan…) but I sometimes take a smaller charger with me if I know I’ll be out somewhere with a place to charge after a long trip. This just helps me keep my battery topped off. Even putting 10-20% back into your battery during the day will help keep the health of your battery up, not to mention adding 10-20% to your ebike’s range.

All of these tips should help you increase the range of your electric bike without breaking the bank. If you have the money and really want to increase your ebike’s range, there is no substitute for a second battery!

Stark Drive Featured With Our Backend Platform Provider CS-Cart


Several weeks ago we were contacted by our platform provider inquiring about whether or not we would be interested in being featured on their homepage for the success that Stark Drive has had worldwide with electric bikes. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the people behind CS-Cart as their software powers our configuration engine as well as our entire back end solution for Stark Drive. Without it we would not have had the ease to configure our shop so that our customers can configure their bike to their desire with live updates to the totals as well as many other features they provide to make the entire store front process more manageable.

If you are interested in reading about our experience with CS-Cart please follow the link below.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC