Kiev ActivExpo 2018


Hello Backers,

Stark Drive was honored to be invited to attend the 2018 Kiev AktivExpo (http://www.activexpo.com.ua/) as a guest to discuss partnerships to bring Stark Drive to Ukraine. As hard as it may be to believe our electric bikes are less expensive then many non electric models in the Ukrainian marketplace and as such we want to get affordable green transportation to everyone that wants it in Ukraine.

While at the expo we saw a plethora of electric bike offerings with differing styles, designs, and price-points, however once again Stark Drive was the most affordable to be seen anywhere in the conference center. We did see a very familiar style of electric bike that we can exactly place but perhaps you backers can help us in solving this mystery.

It would be good to remember that the prices you see below are in Ukrainian hryvnia's meaning that 10.000 Ukrainian is worth approximately 376 USD.

15,670 Ukranian (590 USD) includes front light, rear rack, a comfortable seat as well as many other standard features.

Directly Driven Bike with no Chain!

And of course what expo would not be complete with the friendly expo representatives!

Batch 2 (Rest of the world exclusive USA/Canada)

these bikes will be done around March 20 and be shipping directly after that to everyone in the world. We appreciate your patience, it will be well worth it with the host of free upgrades we have made to this batch as detailed in a previous blog post!


CEO, Stark Drive LLC

Comparison between Stark Drive City+ and Sonders Stainless - Features and Price Stark Triumphs


Hello Backers,

We love competition and we are honored to be playing in the same league as Sonders, the company that started the affordable electric bike revolution.

We recently got an informative advertisement from Sondors and their new Sonders Stainless Electric bike.


Its a fat tire bike for the USA/Canada market with a 350W motor and a 36V 12.8Ah battery pack. The differences in price between Stark Drive Fat Tire and Sondors dont seem great at first until you start to look at all the accessories that are standard components with Stark Drive that are not even available with Sondors.

Stark Drive Includes by Default

  • USB Charging
  • Front Light
  • Horn
  • 21 Gears
  • 13ah Battery
  • 6 month warranty (Compared to Sondors 3 month)
  • Upgradable to 2 year warranty for marginal cost
  • More aerodynamic frame
  • Ability to fold the bike to store and transport
  • rear light attachment ready
  • Front Shocks
  • Rear Shocks
  • Throttle (travel without pedaling)
  • Stark Drive Below:

    As you can see Stark Drive is Ultra Competitive when it comes to price and features, even when compared to the big boys that have similar delivery logistics as us (90-120 days delivery time).

    We see no competition whatsoever for our upcoming Stark Drive Mini launching late spring early summer 2018.


    CEO, Stark Drive LLC

    USA / Canada Bikes arrive at the Port of LA, USA


    Hello Backers,

    We have just learned from our logistics team in china that the USA / Canada Bikes have arrived at the port in Los Angeles. From here they will be discharged into the trusty hands of CBP for inspection and hopefully discharged fairly quickly so that UPS can take control of them to deliver them to the end backers.

    You can find more information at the link below:


    EU and Rest of the World

    These bikes are finishing up now and will be done in a few week for delivery to all the backers worldwide. We have some sad news in that we unfortunately have now matched shipping prices with the actual costs to deliver to respective countries which in most cases meant an increase in shipping costs.

    Note that any backers that have managed to get their backing in before the increase will not be effected..


    CEO, Stark Drive LLC

    USA/Canada Batch 2 Deliveries - How UPS Tracking Works?


    Hello Backers!

    We just wanted to take a moment and clarify how the Tracking works with UPS. This has been discussed in earlier blog posts but with the sheer number of posts and a lack of a system of easily searching them, we thought we would post an update.

    All the USA and Canada Batch 2 bikes shipped late january before the Chinese New Year began, meaning the bikes physically left China on a boat before this time. The way that our logistics works when shipping from China in bulk is as follows:

  • Bikes get tagged and labelled at the factory
  • Bikes then make their way to the logistics partner at the port in china where they are cataloged
  • Tracking numbers are input into the UPS system (Label Created On:)
  • Bikes are loaded into their respective containers for shipping to the USA
  • 4-5 weeks later bikes arrive in the USA
  • Bikes must FIRST clear customs before UPS can take control of the bikes
  • Last time this took 2-3 weeks as CBP wanted to check the bikes twice.
  • UPS finally receives the bikes and tracking starts getting updated.

  • If you log on to check your tracking numbers now, it will only show Order Processed for UPS which is a correct description of what is going on, it has been processed and paid for. The issue is that legally UPS has no right to receive the package in the USA until they clear customs at the Port of Entry. The system works well and UPS is a great partner for deliveries.

    Address Changes?

    If for some reason you need to change your address, it can be done once the bikes have been received by UPS and your tracking begins updating in the system on UPS's website. This is how it worked for batch 1 bikes and it worked just fine, no matter if its across the city or across the country, UPS takes care of redeliveries.

    Thank you again for supporting Stark Drive and helping Launch the Most Affordable Electric Bikes on Earth.


    CEO Stark Drive LLC.

    Batch 2 Canada Tracking Numbers Added / EU and the Rest of the World


    Hello Canadian Backers Eh!

    Just a note for all you canadians with backer numbers up to 1039, your bike tracking numbers have been added to starkdrive.bike. if you have trouble getting them you can email us or message us through our online chat function.

    As everyone who reads the blog regularly knows the USA Batch 2 Tracking numbers have already been uploaded to your respective accounts, please see our previous blogs below for more information.

    We will be providing UPS tracking numbers to all these backers which will show up in the UPS System and activate once it makes landfall in the USA and clears customs. Canada backers do not get tracking numbers in the same way and will receive them once UPS gets the bikes in the USA and processes them. That is also after the bikes clear customs in the USA.

    EU and The Rest of the World

    Your bikes were unfortunately not completed before the chinese holiday so they will ship directly after. We are sorry for the delay.

    Thank you


    Batch 2 USA/Canada Update UPS Tracking Numbers


    Hello Backers!


    Batch 2 USA/Canada Bikes have officially left the factory, been handed over to the logistics team and tracking numbers for these bikes will be added to your account as well as Paypal if you used this method for backing by Sunday February 4th. To access your account you go to starkdrive.com and click on rewards at the bottom of the page or click here.

    Although we were aware of the torture our bikes can experience during their long journeys from our factory in China to our backers around the world we have learned some lessons from the first batch and how carriers even exceed our own expectations of what can occur in transit. we have made some strategic changes to the packaging as you can see in the photos below to improve the internal structure and localization of the components within the box to prevent jostling and otherwise negative things occurring in transit.

    Bike Upgrades

    Not only have we improved the packaging on the outside of the bike but we have improved the bike internally as well. Batch 2 bikes have improved circuitry in so much as now any Stark Drive bike can be upgraded to include the optional rear light simply by plugging it in to the spare lead that is included on each and every bike. This was not the default option in the first batch and was only included if the backer chose to include the rear light when backing.

    In batch 1 the key was used only as a means of locking the battery within the frame, not overall system power. This was something we thought was not good enough so we worked with our engineers and all batch 2 bikes and also bikes henceforth will have three positions:

    OFF - total system power disabled,
    LOCK - the battery is locked within the frame but system power is still disabled,
    ON - Battery is Locked within the frame as well as total system power is enabled.


    All higher capacity lithium batteries have circuitry included to protect the pack in the event of low voltage which can permanently harm the pack. Our circuity has a 27V protection limit enabled on the packs meaning that if the voltage of the pack as a whole drops below this level the protection circuitry is automatically enabled and the included chargers will cease charging the pack if the voltage drops below this level. The packs are still fine and can be charged but a more specialized charger is needed to safely bring the voltage of the entire pack up above the 27V level. These will be provided to backers on loan if ever required however any local battery specialist in your area will also have the same equipment and the process will be significantly faster then if we are to ship these chargers our to backers.

    Tracking and UPS

    The bikes are being sent via the same method as we used last time as this seemed to work insomuch as the UPS labels are created in China and attached to all the bikes and then they are packed in the shipping container and these numbers remain in the system but inactive until they reach the USA / Canada and clear customs at which point the carrier (UPS) will get the bikes and handle the final leg of the journey to the end backer. The Tracking numbers will only show movement and updates once they clear customs and until then will just show that the label has been created in the system.

    Mate Libel Lawsuit Update

    We are for the time being suspending our libel lawsuit against our lovely competitor Mate.bike until the arbitration proceedings are complete to prevent any conflict between the libel case and the situation that occurred on Indiegogo where Mate (through their lawyer) submitted a fraudulent DMCA notice to Indiegogo causing Indiegogo to cancel our original crowdfunding campaign a week after launching on February 23rd 2017 after raising just shy of 300.000 USD.

    Stark Drive Mini

    We are well on our way to launching Stark Drive Mini pictured below in the Spring of 2018. We will be launching on Kickstarter and the starting backing amount to get Stark Drive mini will be 299 USD. Stark Drive Mini will be as configurable as Stark Drive with various upgrades depending on what the backer needs. At approximately 13 KG, it will be the perfect companion for those that are inner city commuters, boat Enthusiasts or RV'ers.



    CEO, Stark Drive LLC.

    5 Lucky New Backers Will Be Upgraded to Batch 2!


    Hello Backers.

    We are pleased to announce that due to some careful planning, we will be able to upgrade 5 Non USA/Canada backers whom otherwise would be part of batch 3 shipping anticipated end of march to Batch 2 Finishing off now and shipping directly after the Chinese New Year.

    These backers will be randomly selected from all new backers that would otherwise be part of batch 3.

    There is no need to enter other then backing Stack Drive so get your backing in now to get Stark Drive even faster.

    Thank you

    CEO, Stark Drive LLC

    Batch 2 USA/Canada Update (Backers from June 6 to December 14 2017)


    Hello Backers,

    Im pleased to share with you some photos and videos of the Batch 2 USA/Canada bikes that went through their final control check and packaging below.

    These have now been sent from the factory, in a short while we will be providing UPS tracking numbers to all these backers which will show up in the UPS System and activate once it makes landfall in the USA and clears customs. Canada backers do not get tracking numbers in the same way and will receive them once UPS gets the bikes in the USA and processes them. That is also after the bikes clear customs in the USA. For batch 1 this process took a fairly substantial amount of time as they first cleared customs once after a holiday delay and then were asked by Customs and Border protection to go through a second screening, hopefully this does not happen again and we will update you when we know more.

    Mate.bike / Indiegogo Arbitration

    We would like to announce that both Mate and Indiegogo have been served and we will be commencing the arbitration shortly. Once again serving mate took far longer then expected as they did not pick up the registered letters that we sent to them but fortunately as they do have a showroom or working office place now we were able to serve them at this location instead.

    If any backers know of any Lawsuits or Arbitrations with Indiegogo that have been published it would be interesting if you could send over the details to us as I cant seem to find anything when doing a search online. This is more for my own personal interest as their Terms do state they can do whatever they want whenever they want in terms of anything posted to their website, this will be a test of these terms. Our lawyer describes this as 'unconscionable'. This was particularly frustrating for me as indiegogo had solicited me when we first posted our campaign on Kickstarter and convinced us to cancel our fundraising there and move to their platform instead, only to eventually kill our campaign on their platform after a week.


    CEO, Stark Drive LLC

    EU Bikes Finally Delivered / Alexa Website Ranking / USA Batch 2 Bikes


    Hello Backers!

    TNT Shipments Complete!

    Well for the love of whats good and true, 2 months after actually reaching the EU by train from china, landing in the Netherlands, then to Germany, Then to Poland, then to the Netherlands again, the EU bikes were finally delivered to 98% of the EU backers as of today. This insanity with delivery is one story we are not intent on repeating ever again.

    USA Batch 2 Bikes

    That being said, Batch 2 USA bikes have left the factory but hold your horses, that does not mean they will arrive to your door in the US tomorrow. From the factory they are transferred to the logistics partner, then from there to the port, from the port they must be loaded onto the container ship (after of course being loaded into a container) and from there they sail to the USA. Its only once they hit the USA that the tracking numbers we are going to provide you with in a few days will become 'active'.

    Alexa Website Rankings

    What is Alexa? well according to them:

    “The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach).

    We did a search on ourselves and some of our competition and discovered some interesting statistics. Check them out for yourself below.

    Backer Picks Up Stark Drive Fat Tire, Too Excited Not To Unpack it Then and There!


    Hello Backers,

    Here is an unboxing, direct at our showroom in Stockholm by a backer who just today picked up Stark Drive. We are excited to be getting these bikes to backers after a delay longer then we would have liked. Batch 2 is however on schedule to leave China Before the Chinese New Year and Tracking Numbers will be provided to US backers Soon.

    Mate.bike / Indiegogo

    For those that have been following us from the start and knows the history regarding our lovely competitor in Denmark, we have some developments which we will report on very soon. Things are progressing regards to the tortious interference on the part of Mate. Its been almost 1 year since all of this transpired and in the mean time we have managed to move forward and deliver hundreds of bikes all over the world with your help!

    Thank you for everyone that believed in Stark Drive and helped to make our dreams of an ultra affordable electric bike a reality.


    CEO, Stark Drive LLC