Crowdfunding Reward Delivery

Where do you deliver?

Stark Drive delivers our electric bikes worldwide.

When do you plan to deliver after i make a purchase?

Our manufacturing partner and Stark Drive LLC have a frame agreement signed and they are ready to produce as soon as we transfer funds. Our anticipated delivery for our early bird backers is Fall 2017 (Batch 1). We complete a batch and deliver bikes approximately every 3 months.

Will there be any taxes, duties, or other costs when i receive my bike?

The customer will be responsible for any additional costs that your government authority imposes on Stark Drive. The good news is that the bike is unbelievably affordable at only 399 USD for the base model which means that any additional costs will be marginal and all of our paperwork will clearly state only your purchase price when shipped to you. The taxation within the EU varies depending on the delivery country on electric bikes and the USA currently imposes 0% additional import duty. More information on our FAQ here: https://starkdrive.bike/frequently-asked-questions...

Here you can see here for more information about your countries tax regulations.

We have revised the website to include taxes if applicable to your shipping address and are calculated in the price of your bike during checkout. You will not need to pay any more once you submit your order and your bike will be delivered to your door.

I live in Stockholm! Can i get the bike from you directly?

Unfortunately, all bikes need to be shipped directly from our manufacturer to the customer so it will not be possible to pick the bike up, but your welcome to come by say hello and try Stark Drive out.

How much do you charge to ship my Bike?

Shipping is calculated depending on shipping location. We ship to any country in the world. We have embraced the direct-to-customer model of shipping and this works well with a direct to customer model.

Does this need to be assembled at a Bike Shop or can i do it?

Stark Drive arrives to your home 95% assembled. You will only need to attached the handlebars and front wheel, this is very easy to do but with anything else we would recommend you take it to the professionals if you are worried. It’s important that the wheel is attached properly as the front brakes depend on it.