Stark Drive Launches 750W & 1000W Variants of Stark Drive Advanced (Regular / Fat Tire)


If there is one consistent thing our customers have continually asked us for since our launch was MORE POWER and today we are responding with a limited quantity of STOCK 750W and 1000W Models of our popular Stark Drive Advanced. While we have done several one-offs for customers that wanted extra power for their commute these have typically been long lead time items which have taken up to 160 days to manufacture and ship. With the popularity of these models we have done a special run of just this more powerful version of Stark Drive which are available for purchase on the stock section of our website here:


There are a variety of colors available as well as your choice of thin or fat tire for each power level.

As we have L1e-A certification for up to 1000W in the EU they are legally allowed to be ridden once registered with your countries relevant authority (there are a variety of different methods of registration required in the EU depending on your country, we can provide you assistance with this on request.

In the USA 750W models are legal for road use in most States with some even allowing up to 1000W on public roads, check with your local authority on which applies to you.

These models are always able to be ridden on private property and/or not on public roads no matter where you are located.

The extra power that these models afford is not for the faint of heart and the exhilaration of accelerating with these power plants propelling you is something that never gets old. We have kitted each of these models out with every option that Stark Drive offers including our largest 17AH battery packs built with the latest Panasonic/LG 18650 cells, throttle, cruise control, and much much more...


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC