Electric Bike - Moving Mainstream in Daily Transport


With the improvement in battery energy density and sleek new designs that mimic the look of traditional bicycles with components hidden in the frame, we at Stark Drive have been working to not only lower the (cost) barrier to entry for electric bikes but also to promote them as viable and indispensable alternatives to private and even public daily transport.

Recent global events have demonstrated now more than ever that electric bikes are note only exceptionally utilitarian but can be a replacement for even the bus or train when commuting within city limits. As battery densities improve so does the range of electric bikes and with a few modifications to your electric bike you can turn it into the cargo carrier that will help you with your groceries, picking up your loved ones and more.

A recently published article on Sun Sentinel highlights the fact that the move to electric bikes, now more than ever, is accelerating and we at Stark Drive look forward to the near future when all bicycles have an electric component inbuilt by default to supplement the energy provided by the rider when needed so that no matter your age or physical ability, you can still take a bicycle to run your daily errands.


Even more evidence to the fact is a fantastic video that was produced by one of our favorite youtubers: JerryRigEverything on his youtube channel already back in 2018 where he custom built an electric bike for his wife resulting in a spectacular electric bike that they have even taken on safari.

Electric bikes used to be perceived as a method of cheating on physical activity however we believe the opposite in that it can not only help you to be even mor physically active but to have a fantastic time while doing so.

So get out, explore your surroundings, enjoy the great outdoors (while paying attention to social distancing if applicable) and get a breath of fresh air leaving your ICE at home.

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC