Our Lead team

Oscar Stark. P Eng. PMI. BSc

Oscar has been working within the renewable energy field for several years with both upstream and downstream power production and distribution. His works has taken him all over the world but more importantly to China where major city centers have taken the lead in green transportation solutions that are lacking in many other parts of the world. Oscar Leveraged his thoroughly developed network of contacts in the transportation and manufacturing industries in China to develop the world’s most affordable electric bike Stark Drive. Oscar’s goal was to remove the high price barrier to entry that comes with all the major manufacturers of electric bikes by using a direct to customer model. The goal is to move molecules as little as possible from smelting the aluminium to assembling the components to finally transporting the fully completed bike to the end user. This has been made possible with the total industrial powerhouse that China provides.

In addition Oscar has been working the last decade in Planning and Supply Chain. Our factor is ready to start production at a moment’s notice with a multi-thousand monthly production capacity ensuring that we will have no difficulties fulfilling orders worldwide.

Heidi Swensson

Heidi is our eyes and ears for company in the USA. She is our first contact and our go to person for all legal, organizational, or business registration related matters. Heidi has had a diverse career both in the medical industry and financial and accounting industries.

Liping Liu (刘利平)

Liu is our eyes and ears in China. He is employed for Stark Drive LLC and based in China to oversee all matters relating to production, quality control and manufacturing. Lance speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English fluently and we depend on him and the team he has put together to ensure that there are no hiccups in the production and delivery of Stark Drive to our customers in a timely manner. Lance has worked for several years in the heavy manufacturing industries in Shenzhen China as well as experience with CNC precision manufacturing.

With Liu's ability to speak Japanese we have the insiders track when securing affordable, high quantity, and reliable battery technology from our partners in Japan.

Peter Growth

Peter is our media guru and helps to shape the Stark Drive image and convey the features and benefits of Stark Drive in the best possible way. Peter has been working within the media industry for over 11 years and has developed campaigns for customers including Hemtex, Nordia, TV4, Pricerunner, Unilever, and NCC just to name a few.

Website Development

Mediagate.com is our website developer focused on creating custom websites.