Stark Drive Lineup Manufacturing Improvements


We at Stark Drive are always looking to improve our bikes so that they are more rugged, durable and refine the electronics on our bikes.  In our latest batch of Stark Drive Bikes which were recently completed we are pleased to have implemented a number of improvements which not only enhance the users interaction with the bike but also make refinements to improve the protection of critical components on the bike to protect from accidental riding damage when going off road. 

Our dedicated team of assemblers work tirelessly to ensure that every bike that leaves the line are properly assembled and will work right out of the box.

Here you can see 

Here are all the accessories that you need to ensure your Stark Drive bike is working properly.  These are securely packed in a seperate box for shipping. 

More photos of our assembly process

Here is how we box our Bikes, in double walled cardboard with bubble padding on the does to ensure that there is no damage in transit. 

A photo of some completed bikes. 

New for 2022 we are including a protective metal reinforcement bar near the delicate components to protect them from damage while riding.  This area is where the motor cable connects to the electrical systems on the bike as well as the derailer.   

Stark Drive Aviation Update

For those of you who made it this far in the post a special treat with respect to an update to our aviation ambitions.  Stark Drive has now completed the scale model prototype of our new electrically powered VTOL aircraft and it is undergoing flight tests.  We have spared no expense in ensuring that our aircraft takes advantage of the latest advancements on the market today to improve flight time, carrying capacity and performance.  Shortly we will be making the big reveal on our new aircraft with specifications, as well as special launch pricing for those that decide to pre order.



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