Start Spring Off With Stark Drive Advanced (Fully Loaded) and Get Free Shipping!


Our Spring sale on Stark Drive Advanced Stock is still ongoing with the code STARKEASTER2020 which gets you free shipping on your purchase when you get any color of the following Stock Advanced model here:


Simply place the code in the notes section of the order page when placing your order, we will immediately credit back to you all shipping costs when purchasing Stark Drive Advanced here after you make the purchase through our website.

This promotion is valid while supplies last.

The Stark Drive Advanced model we have on promotion here is fully loaded with every feature add on we offer at Stark Drive including our highest capacity 17Ah battery pack, Powerful 500W motor as well as throttle, cruise control, electrically integrated rear lights and much much more.


We are also offering $75 to any referrals of Stark Drive from a confirmed existing owner who sends us a referral to a new customer. You can put the referee in the Notes field and we will credit that person via credit card once verified.

We at Stark Drive truly believe that electric bikes are the way of the future and even through these difficult times we are working to innovate and bring high end features to our affordably priced bikes and are working to launch our new and improved Stark Drive Mini as well as Stark Drive Torque in the coming months. More details coming soon.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC