Stark Drive - Stock - Nearing Completion


The Pandemic may have slowed us down but Stark Drive Perseveres

Production Back On Track!

We are really excited to finally see our production back on track with our latest batch of bikes. Above you will see a short video on the first in a series of our bikes nearing the finish line in their ultimate destination in the hands of a lucky Stark Drive owner to be enjoyed for thousands of KM's to come.

As we mentioned in previous post, we have upgrade feature across the board on this batch of Stock bikes including UPPING the system voltage to 48V across the line for more power and better electrical components and stronger braking systems to handle the significant improvement in speed.

36 to 48V Is a Big Deal!

The higher the voltage, the lower the necessary current draw for a given output power. For 500W power you draw about 14A from a 36V battery, while you only draw 10.5A from a 48V battery

The 36V system needs 1/3 higher current for the same power. Hence, you put more strain on the batterie cells in a 36V battery.

The less power you draw from a batterie, the less strain you put on the battery and the wiring. Simply put, the battery gets less hot and runs at higher efficiency when you raise the system voltage for a given power output and you can get away with thinner wires (or you use the same wires, but they run cooler with less resistance and again, higher efficiency).

Higher Power Lighting (Front and Rear)

With the higher voltages, we have more powerful front and rear lighting illuminating your journey while you travel further than ever before.

Now Get up to 1000W Of Power!

on our Stock page here www.starkdrive.bike/stock you can now get pre configured Stark Drive and Stark Drive Fat tire bikes up to 1000W as well as our new line of Stark Drive Mini also upgraded to 48V and 350W of power.

We have limited quantities of this batch of bikes and they are selling fast, stock quantities on our Stock page are updated with the actual quantities and once they are gone, it will be a long wait for another batch to be completed with the backlog.

Get your bike Now!

Thank you

Stark Drive Team
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