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The Stark Drive Team is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. jersey city, new jersey and hong kong, china We are engineers, and specialists in suppy chain management that have gone to the top Universities in Sweden, USA, China in preparation to launch Stark Drive to the world. Our purpose built team has been assembled as each one of us is a specialist in one of the critical requirements to make Stark Drive a success.

Our CEO and Founder Oscar Stark has been working with supply chain management and sourcing through the Asian Marketplace for the last 15 years Most recently he has been working in the manufacturing industry to build sustainable and energy efficient dwellings that are affordable in an increasingly unaffordable marketplace.

He also has 8 years of experience within the renewable energy industry and in addition to that years of electrical engineering experience. His goal will be and has always been to get the best price and highest quality components and provide to them to the customer at the lowest possible prices.

Stark Drive will always be and continue to be the most affordable electric bike in the world. When new technology is developed, it will be incorporated into Stark Drive keeping our lineup current and affordable.