Reserve a Limited run of 50 Units Stark Drive Torque Now


We are excited to announce that we are going to be making a limited combined run of 50 units of Stark Drive Torque and Stark Drive Torque Max and while early birds have already received this information, we want to share it with all that are interested in owning the first folding bafang based mid motor electric bike at up too 1000W.

Stark Drive Torque Max - Fat Tire 

We have written about torque and our master plan several times on the blog for example:

and so on. 

We have gone through 3 iterations of Stark Drive Torque improving the bike along the way and adding feastures that we felt would enhance the user experience of Torque.

We have even had the opportunity to send Stark Drive Torque out for Review:

Computerbild.de ( In German)

KevCentral on Youtube (In English)

With Torque you have the option to add Biometric Fingerprint Unlocking or use a key, configure the range with your choice of battery pack, display, etc.  

Pre-Order Stark Drive Torque Here

Once all pre orders are in, we will begin manufacturing which will take 45 days and then we will ship out this one of a kind bike to the lucky people who managed to ge their pre order in before selling out.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC