Looking Forward To The Bright Future of Electrified Transportation


Electric Bikes have come a long way in even the last 5 years when looking at industrial design and ergonomics not to mention the economics of owning an electric bike. 

''E-Bike Sales to grow from 3.7 million to 17 million per year by 2030'' - Forbes

''The electric bicycle boom in the US is bigger than we thought, and it's only getting bigger'' - Electrek

''Cities are Transforming as electric Bike sales skyrocket'' - The Verge

''The e-bike is the perfect gadget for the COVID-19 pandemic'' - Fast Company

We have been working hard at Stark Drive to keep up with the demand for our bikes with the US market doubling e-bike imports in 2020 with special focus on our supply upstream supply chain with a focus on improving Stark Drives specifications as well as maintaining our industry leading prices. 

Our Customers Have Spoken

In our quest to  improve our range of bikes many of our customers have asked for more power and better acceleration.  This presented a challenge to us as we wanted to improve these characteristics however we still needed to stay true to our pricing model. The upgrade from 36V to 48V across the range of our higher power bikes was a challenge that we were pleased we were able to be able overcome in 2020. 

Focus on Stark Drive Torque

We are of the firm belief that (affordable) torque based electric bikes are the future of electric bikes with their more powerful engines to the more compact and efficient design and we are happy to announce good results with the second prototype Stark Drive Torque and Torque Max which we have been testing over the last several months.  The Fingerprint recognition was one of the most interesting features allowing us to lock and unlock the bike without needing to worry about a key and with the future upcoming smartphone integration and GPS tracking we believe we have a truly unique transportation system for the masses.

We want to express a heartfelt thanks to those that have helped to launch Stark Drive by backing us when we launched in 2017 as well as the thousands of customers that have ordered after our campaign ended.  We also extremely appreciate those customers that ordered from us in the midst of the pandemic and the extended wait times they had to endure due to issues with logistics, your patience has not gone unnoticed and we will be offering you a special credit on our site for free products/merchandise.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC