Stark Drive Teams Up with Splitit (Buy Now Pay Later) Layaway Payments

One of our customers most frequently requested feature was an option to pay over time instead of paying all at once and while our bikes are ultra-affordable there was a significant percentage of our clientele that  was interested in monthly payments be it to add some additional upgrades to their bike or simply that they needed a form of transportation now and could not afford our base offerings.

Stark Drive searched for the best option when it came to paying over time, one that would work for anyone that had a credit card and we ultimately started a conversation with Splitit which helps our users split up payments over several months while still getting the bike shipped right away.

Furthermore, we are adjusting our guarantee period for anyone that purchases using Splitit so that your bike is fully covered for the entire duration of your payments and the added option of adding additional warranty before your final payment is made.

Now there is nothing stopping anyone of our customers from configuring the Stark Drive Electric Bike of their dreams. 

Please contact us via email at hello@starkdrive.com or via our online chat or at 1888-HI-STARK if you have any questions about Splitit or layaway payments.

Thank you

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC