Stark Drive Ultra 1000W Mid Sommer Sale


Our Most Advanced Stark Drive at 1000W now $250 off! 

Its mid sommer and we are excited that more and more people are going electric with record sales in the electric bikes industry.  We are working hard to keep our supply chain active and to reduce our delivery times even though we have been hampered with delays caused by world events.  

We would like to announce a special sale on our most powerful Stark Drive Ultra at 1000W with upgraded components and specifications across the board including: 

  • 48V Systemwide Power Upgrade giving you more power to tackle challenging terraine
  • Upgraded battery pack to the latest 18650 cells that Panasonic Offers givng you longer runtime between charges
  • upgraded front and rear lighting to take advantage of the more powerful 48v systemwide power
  • More powerful braking system to stop you on a dime even with the higher speeds that can be achieved with this bike
  • cruise at up to 45kph with pedal assist or throttle
  • up to 80km range 

This sale is only while supplies last and we do not have many of the Ultra 1000W models remaining.

To take advantage of this discount use the code: ULTRADISCOUNT2021 at checkout.

The Ultra is located here: https://starkdrive.bike/stock/...


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC