Normalization of Operations and Free Shipping on Stark Drive Mini Worldwide


Supply Chains

We are pleased to see that with worldwide cooperation there is a light at the end of the tunnel with our supply constraints and that manufacturing delays that have plagued us in Q2 2020 up to about Q3 2021. Our manufacturing partners are indicating that lead times for critical components have drastically reduced and are nearing our base expected scenarios which we have built into the lead times that are indicated on our website for custom configured bikes.  

All indications are that our asian manufacturing partners are roaring back with the anticipation of supplying us as required and while there seems to still be some constraints in what we call 'last mile' delivery, referring of course to the build up of fully loaded container ships at main distribution ports worldwide that have not been able to fulfill the manpower requirements to actually unload these supplies so that they can be processed through customs and picked up by our delivery partners. this continues to be one of the aspects we are looking at closely in order to mitigate these delays but due to the shocking increase in container shipping prices which we see no signs of abating in the near future due, ironically, to an artificially created shortage of shipping container manufacturing by the respective manufacturing companies primarily based in china. As has been the case for what seems like decades now, the amount of finished manufactured goods that are shipped out of china vastly outpaces their imports and as such its not economically feasible to ship these 'empty' containers back to china in order to be reused.  There have been moves to repurpose these containers to build everything from housing, retail locations and several other creative ideas to repurpose these containers instead of them either being recycled or worse yet piling up unused on vast swathes of land rusting away. 

In order to mitigate this cost increase we are still compelled to continue with our practice of shipping in shared containers with other goods resulting in slightly longer delivery times to our end customers.  These delivery times are calculated after you have configured your bike and input your address information on our website and before payment is processed.  

Stark Drive Mini - Free Shipping for a limited time

We love Stark Drive Mini and we believe you will love it too, so much so that we want to offer a special limited time promotion of Free Worldwide Shipping when you enter the coupon code 'MINIMEFREE' at checkout.  The link to this fantastically portable and powerful bike is here:


This bike comes with a powerful 350W motor and generous 7ah battery pack operating at an unbelievable 48V system-wide voltage ensuring that you can tackle any terrain thrown at it as well as it being light and compact enough to bring on public transit or even carry up to your apartment ensuring the safety and security of your bike.

We have fully loaded Stark Drive mini with front and rear lights for your safety as well as a powerful horn that lets people know your are coming up behind them before you zoom past using either pedal assist (PAS) or the electronic throttle as well as our standard USB charging port and rear rack so you can carry your bag, groceries or anything else, up to an inclusive loaded weight of 150kg. 

Remember with our specially configured batteries you can even bring Stark Drive mini with you on any commercial airliner fully complying with TSA regulations on maximum battery power of 160WH and we have had many customers take advantage of this to travel with Mini and explore the great outdoors on vacation or wherever your travels may take you.


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