Stark Drive Torque 'Limited Edition' Starts Production


Merry Christmas and All the Best for the New Year From Stark Drive!

we are pleased to announce that the limited edition Stark Drive Torque - Limited to 50 units has started production and is on track to ship with delivery early spring to all of our pre order customers that have opted to purchase this unique Mid Motor Bafang based Folding Torque Sensing Bike.  That was a mouthful even to write but the utility and novelty of this bike can not be overstated.  There exists nothing on the market that is comparable to this custom built and patented design that we are manufacturing at this time. 

We wanted to manufacture something that was not based on an 'open mould' design like so many of our competitors do on the market.  We at Stark Drive had our start in this fashion as well with the original Stark Drive electric bike which was based on an open mould design.  What we did differently at the time however was the ability to customize your bike from the ground up starting with just a PAS motor based bike and up to adding such enhancements such as the throttle, larger battery packs, and even cruise control on the bike. 

We wanted to take a different approach with Stark Drive Torque and add features that you would normally not see on bikes that cost 4-5x the base price of Torque such as Fingerprint recognition unlocking. NFC charging for your mobile phone and using the most powerful mid motors that are available on the market such as the Bafang m620 which, due to its incredibly well built components have seen some 'overclockers' out there in the blogosphere enhance the power output on this motor to 2500w and above. 

In the coming weeks, we will be posting images and possibly video of the production process and how we are coming along with completing these very unique bikes.  If you were one of the lucky ones that found the pre order page on our stock link www.starkdrive.bike/stock you can follow along with us as we manufacture these bikes. 

As always we remain available to answer any questions on the 'chat' function on our website as well as by email hello@starkdrive.com and our US toll free number.  

If you are interested in getting a torque based bike, we have gone ahead and manufactured a few 'extra' units that are destined for reviewers but we may be convinced to send one of these to you instead. 

Thank you

Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC.