Stark Drive Torque Production Update


Hello Stark Drive Enthusiasts!

We are excited that our Torque Bike frames are nearing completion and final assembly is inevitable.  We have a smaller run than normal for this batch of boutique Torque Bikes (Both Regular and Fat tire Variants).  As such we have had to wait a little bit longer for frame manufacturing to complete but we are in the home stretch now and expect to be shipping in June.  

For those of you lucky enough to secure one of these limited run units, we will be in contact shortly with you to finalize your payment taking into account the deposits that you have already placed. 

Also some good news! we have a limited number of fully loaded Torque units available that were produced in excess for us to use in testing and promotion and we are able to offer these to a very lucky few that are interested.  

if you are interested in one of these few units, you can place your deposit here and we will be in contact with you shortly. 

A review of Stark Drive Torque:

Promotional Video:


Stark Drive Team
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