Stark Drive & Stark Drive Torque Batch Nearing Completion



We are happy to announce that manufacturing of Stark Drive and Stark Drive Torque are proceeding for those that ordered late 2021 and early 2022 of this year.  The global pandemic has affected all areas of our manufacturing process from sourcing materials, to batteries for our powerpacks as well as final assembly.  We are cautiously optimistic as the whole process which we had refined to run like a well oiled machine has become more circumspect due to the issues that have been caused not the least of which is the stringent chinese government policy of 0 covid meaning that entire districts if not cities of millions of people are closed down if a case is detected.  at the time of writing this post the latest was shanghai.  

Below you can see some content of production and we plan to ship all standard Stark Drive models mid april with all Torque models shipping by the end of April. 

Of note is that we have a few extra Torque models that we had ordered for review and demonstration testing for our partners and these are new and ready for sale meaning that if you purchase the 'reservation here: https://starkdrive.bike/stock/... you are able to then have it ship at the same time.

we also have several Stark Drive Mini units ready to go all tested and boxed.