Stark Drive Mini - The First Electric Bike That Can Fly


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Many people who travel want to be able to bring their electric bikes with them but with the current regulations by the FAA and carriers worldwide they can unfortunately not bring their electric bikes on the flight due to the batteries exceeding the limit of 160WH, a strict limit that is imposed which enables one to bring even a large laptop with equally powerful battery on board (as well as a spare) but this limit generally restricts electric bike owners from bringing their batteries when they travel. 

Due to the light weight of Stark Drive Mini and its compact size, its the perfect bike to bring with you anywhere you travel be it by boat, train, bus, subway, or even by air.  At Stark Drive we have developed a unique battery pack that stays within the imposed limits for air carriers so that you can bring you batteries on board and stow your bike as checked luggage at the same time. 

Having the freedom to use Stark Drive Mini wherever you travel has enabled a lot of our customers to enjoy their surroundings while on vacation and we will continue to develop products that benefit our customers so that they dont have to change their lifestyles no matter where they travel. 

A new batch of Airline Compliant Stark Drive Mini Batteries

We pay for Ideas! 

If you have any ideas which would make your electric bike better we would love to hear from you, email us at hello@starkdrive.com and we will even pay you for ideas if we decide to implement them in our wide range of electric bikes.