Stark Drive Torque Frames Completed - Pre Orders Shipping Soon


Hello Stark Drive Enthusiasts !

After a long delay due to uncontrollable events we are finally making real headway to shipping Stark Drive Torque. The Process to mass produce (even in boutique quantities) requires the factory that produces our unique and 'design registered' frames requires unique moulds to be produced and regimented tooling so that every frame is designed perfectly to our specifications. with the smaller quantity that we produced for this pre order opportunity, it meant a trade off with time to fit us into an unused factory slot. 

Here the frame is positioned for final welding with Tack-welds to hold the frame in the proper position.  After this stage the final welding is completed to strengthen all connections on the frame.

Here is a sample of our batch, ready for the final components to be added.

Of course you may be wondering to yourself at this point, how do you get the battery in there? Wasn't this bike supposed to be a folding bike, you would be correct. the folding brackets are added after the frame has been completed as well as all the required holes for access to the inside of the frame

The battery production has gone on concurrently and is way ahead of the manufacturing of the frames at this point which means there will be no delay when the frames are completed.  The next step for the frames is several layers of paint  and then it heads off to our partners for final assembly.  We hope to have video of the assembly process for you soon and of course of the boxing. 

Those of you whom have ordered torque will soon be receiving your final invoices to cover the remaining costs for the unique configurations that you have selected.  If you have to update your address or other contact information you can do so at this point.  We will then be sending them by container ship to your respective addresses with an estimated 30 day travel time to your door all taxes paid. 

Torque, like all of our other bikes is designed like lego enabling you to add or remove components as you require them.  

This is the first bike that we know of in the world that is a mid motor folding electric bike, it will enable you to easily take your bike on public transport or store it securely in your home fitting into even the tiniest of elevators.

Future Goals and Company Direction

We at Stark Drive believe in ICE free transportation as is quite apparent with our selection of electric bicycles however there are times that you are in an area where a bicycle just won't do and you need some other form of transport, perhaps one that does not require trails or roadways.  We look to the sky to enable fast efficient fossil fuel free transport which will not only get you from point a to point b in a straight line but save you time and be the most fun you can have getting there. 

Stay Tuned.