Stark Drive Torque - F.A.T. and Confirmation of Function


We are finished with the FAT (Final Acceptance Testing) which was required to have all the electronics together on a bike in order to test and confirm that everything will function together.  Of note is that Bafang does not by default include a horn connection on their wiring harness so we needed to create a workaround so that it would function properly.  Below you can see some videos of the bike in action including that the fingerprint reader works quickly and disables system power.  

We have asked for a slight revision to the cable for the fingerprint reader which will take 10-15 days to complete at which point all the components will be populated the bikes, go through a final QC check and then boxed and shipped to the luck people that have reserved this powerful, fast and one-of-a-kind bike. 

We have also upgraded the Torque (thin tire model) Tires from 1.95 inches to 2.35 inches for more traction due to the amount of power that one can harness with the Bafang mid motor that is included on these models.