Stark Drive Torque Update - Electronics Being Refined


Torque Update

An update to those that pre ordered one of our limited edition Stark Drive Torque bikes (both Torque and Torque Max (AKA Fat Tire). 

The final assembly is progressing as per plan for the torque bikes, here you can see a photo of the components (minus the bafang motor) have been populated to these fat tire bikes which will eventually sport a 1000W bafang Motor.  These motors are exceptionally well built and there has been talk on the interwebs of people upgrading these to upwards of 2500W in their stock condition. 

There is currently refinement of the electrical systems as we are proud to announce here and now that all models will have the capability to be upgraded to include fingerprint recognition unlocking. Stark Drive is one of the first to add biometrics to the Bafang mid motor bikes so a bit more coordination was necessary with our engineers and those that work at the exceptional company Bafang to ensure that operation works as expected with the proper connections to the motor system and battery which all flow through the motor in order to monitor the battery state so that all the information displays properly on the display which is also supplied by Bafang.

We hope that these are all completed in the coming days so that they can go through their final testing and finally be boxed up and shipped around the world to those lucky enough to snag one of these unique and powerful electric bikes that are sure to turn heads wherever you travel.

We appreciate the patience that has been shown by our customers as these are completely unique bikes that are patented by Stark Drive and as such have taken longer to manufacture compared to several of our competitors which simply use open mold bike frames and add components onto these base units.

If you have any questions we welcome them at hello@starkdrive.com. 

Flight Ambitions

Stark Drive continues in its pursuits to push forward into the VTOL space with the manufacture of the worlds most affordable and safe aircraft which we conservatively expect to have flight times of 30 minutes, will be using non flammable and exceptionally safe solid state batteries as well as an included ballistic parachute as an option for those that want to take the craft up to its planned max 1500m HAGL.