Stark Drive Torque Thin Tire + Stark Drive Personal Aircraft Development


Stark Drive Torque

Stark Drive is almost done with the final manufacturing for Stark Drive Torque which took longer due to the fact that for the thin tire bafang motor we required a different light and horn solution for compatibility.  below you can see a video of the testing of this solution which is confirmed working. we hope that these bikes will be completed in approximately 2 weeks. 

Stark Drive Aircraft Development

we find the electrified personal recreational aircraft space very interesting and we are well into development of our first prototype which we hope to have completed by late october 2022. We have worked to ensure that anything that we considered were underperforming aspects of design from a few other players in the marketplace were addressed.  we are using the latest technologies in the development of our aircraft and our focus as always will be to build an ultra affordable and configurable system that can adapt to the way you want to use it.  


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