Stark Drive Torque (Thin Tire) complete and Shipping


We at Stark Drive have achieved one of our dreams, the ultimate folding mid motor electric bike set has now been completed.  The Stark Drive Torque Max (Fat Tire) Models were completed a few weeks ago with some delays on components for the thin tire version.  Now we have finally completed our limited batch of Thin Tire Stark Drive Torque bikes as you can see a small sampling of below.  These bikes are all equipped with fingerprint biometrics to lock the bike as well as a host of other upgrades and features which we have discussed at length in previous blog posts.  

Stark Drive uses the most advanced Bafang mid motors to drive these fast and efficient bikes along with our largest battery packs for a huge amount of range.  There are a limited number of these bikes available on our stock page here www.starkdrive.bike/stock

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at hello@starkdrive.com or via our online website chat.