Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire Have Shipped!


We are so incredibly excited to finally announce that after a wait which was made much too long due to circumstances beyond our control we can finally announce that all of our customers worldwide who pre ordered Stark Drive Torque Fat Tire 1000W will be receiving their bikes shortly as they all have shipped.  we will be following up with tracking information for all the bikes once we receive this information from our logistics partner. here is a video demo of the features of this unique and design protected bike. 

The Fingerprint reader has been installed on all bikes to keep the design more simple.  You can see how the fingerprint reader (which can register hundreds of fingerprints to share the bike) both can activate and disable power on the bike.  

We have a few additional Torque Fat tire models fully loaded which we produced in order to save some time, if you are interested in one of these models, they will ship immediately, please contact us at hello@starkdrive.com.

We are also pleased to announce that we have upgraded the Stark Drive Torque Thin Tire addition from 250w motors to 350w motors free of charge as a way to make it up to our customers whom have waited so long.  we are still working on completing these bikes which had some issues with the front and rear light/horn assembly.  These will be done in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

Stark Drive