Stark Drive Agrees To Company Sale from Former Competitor, No Kidding Mate.


UPDATE: Note that this was an April Fools Article, No way we would sell Stark Drive.

Hello Everyone,

It bring an untold amount of excitement to be able to say that after several years of ups and downs with both internal company matters and an ongoing lawsuit with a former mate over tortious interference we had been in discussions with our competitor. Due to the recent success that this company has had during their most recent campaign they have had excess funds that they felt would be suitable to put towards fixing some of the wrongs that have been committed in the past as well as resolving a potentially huge liability for them going forward.

Chinese Factory Partnership (with subsidiaries in Thailand)

For me the key has always been to help to drive ulta affordable electric bikes to market and this partner shares the same mantra albeit with higher prices for less features than Stark Drive currently offers. Another huge plus is that our factory has a subsidiary in Thailand where we can manufacture our bikes from start to finish in order to avoid the anti dumping duties that are currently imposed on their production as their bikes are made in and shipped from China. We have been taking advantage of this to save our EU clients at least 80% in duties and our USA clients at least 25%.

Part of the agreement will involve a relocation to our factory which will end up in a WIN/WIN in terms of saving the company money on the manufacturing of their existing lineup, which is just based on an open mould and can be produced anywhere just like Stark Drive.

Stark Drive Torque

Further they are exceptionally excited to work with us to bring to market Stark Drive Torque which will be at least 50% less then the most affordable torque based electric bike currently on the market with options to add an ultra powerful bafang motor up to 1000W.

CoC Europe (1000W Motors)

Another advantage to the purchase of our assets is that Stark Drive currently has a valid CoC (Certificate of Compliance) for the EU marketplace allowing us to bring to market electric bikes up to 1000W in power to the European Union, a feature that they have promised but been unable to deliver on for the last year.

All in all, Stark Drive is proud and excited to be teaming up with our former competitor to help push the electric bike market forward and drive adoption in the fastest possible way so that anyone that wants an electric bike has access to one no matter what.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC