Stark Drive Torque Motor Specifications


Stark Drive Torque, The Ultimate Mid Motor Electric Bike

The refinement of Stark Drive Torque (SDT) and finalization of its feature set is progressing ahead of schedule and according to our plans. We have been working closely with our manufacturer to ensure that testing is running concurrently with manufacturing in order to reduce lead time on the final assembled version that we will use for our internal testing.

We want to pack as much (ultra reliable) tech into this bike as we can find. Once again although we have reinvented the frame for SDT, however, we are not interested in reinventing the wheel. All of the tech that we are including in SDT has been available in the marketplace for several years now but it has only been the high end electric bike manufacturers that had the funding (and correspondingly high price points for their customers) that could afford it.

One more thing.....POWER

Our upcoming 2 models of Stark Drive Torque will be based on the M Series Bafang Mid Motor Drives. These are industry leading mid motors that have been in development for years and we can personally attest to their power after having tested them internally with the prototypes that we have received.

250Ws but a heck of a lot of Torque

We will be launching a regular tire (non FAT) model that will be based on the 250W engine that Bafang offers. Even though the motor watts is rated at 250 does not make this motor a slouch when it comes to performance. if you check out the specifications sheet below you will note that the max torque that this motor can provide is up at 95Nm which is better then even a comparable 750w Hub motor from our competition. On top of all this the mid motor drive itself only weighs about 3kg which is less than many comparable hub motors on the market today.

Did you say 1000W, Crazy!

The Fat Tire Max model of SDT will be offering the most powerful mid motor drive that we could economically incorporate into Stark Drive without breaking the bank!. The model will have the the rated power of 750/1000W which sounds confusing but the same motor can be adjusted to work in either scenario depending on local legislation or lack thereof. A summary of the most important characteristics are below and we would like to point out that


SDT FAT MAX will be unrivaled in its class when its released not only due to the performance and power but also the price point which will be a fraction of anything comparable with more features then the other guys.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates as to the feature set as well as videos of our prototypes and testing as they come available over the next several weeks. Our next post will go into more detail about the upcoming companion app which will be released concurrently with SDT.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC