Stark Drive Torque Updates


Stark Drive Mini Deliveries

We are happy to report to our backers that deliveries of Stark Drive Mini are ongoing with an expedited manufacturing schedule for our backers on indiegogo. several units have already been shipped and we hope to get feedback from these people whom have received their bikes in the near future. This is a record for our company from backing to deliveries happening in a timescale of weeks instead of months and in the case of some of our competition, years. Many of our backers have opted to upgrade the base model of Stark Drive Mini and add features such as more advanced displays, carbon belt drive train instead of chain and battery pack upgrade.

Stark Drive Torque Progress

We are still on track to launch Stark Drive Torque in late summer 2019 and after testing the prototypes we have in in Stockholm, we have been working hard to add even more unique and value added features that are normally found only on comparable products that are selling over $10,000 on the market today.

Biometric Authentication

The above image is not from our bike but this technology is already implemented on our competitors electric bikes allowing you to unlock and use your electric bike without needing to have a key with you. You are also able to change the usage profile by programming each to a different finger unlock. We will be implementing fingerprint unlocking technology in Stark Drive Torque

Stark Drive Powerpack

we have redesigned the battery pack from the ground up with several upgrades. The battery pack can now support up to 21.5 AH of power and we have also now included a fast charging USB port right into the battery pack so that when you take it with you, it can be used to charge your devices on the go, no matter where you are.

NFC / Wireless Charging

Stark Drive Torque will also come with NFC communication (as yet another method to unlock your bike) as well as wireless charging meaning that you no longer need to carry a USB cable with you if you want to charge your wireless charging enabled phone. Of course it will still have a USB port so that if you are using a phone that does not support wireless charging you are still able to top up when it's needed.


Stark Drive Torque will come in 2 variants, a regular tire and a fat tire model. The regular tire will be running at 36V with a Bafang G330 Drive System and a Fat tire variant running at 48V and a G510 Drive Train. Both are exceptionally fast with the latter topping out at 83kph in our testing. We will also be offering both B/W and Color display options for Stark Drive Torque.

Stay tuned for more details as we confirm in the coming months.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC