Stark Drive Torque - B&W and Active Matrix Color Screen Options


We have been working hard at marrying the best available components to work seamlessly together for our upcoming Torque based electric bikes and one of the key features here is the display or as its also known the HMI. The features of most electric display units on the market today are very similar displaying speed, power assist level and remaining battery power with the differences being how this information is presented. There are also advantages to going to an active matrix color display in that you have more of an operating system type interface with multiple layers allowing you to access and adjust more features of your electric bike from the display.

Bafang HMI C171 and C181 Photos Respectively

C171 Specifications

C181 Specifications

There will be benefits to opting for the color display but it will not be a requirement in order to get into an ultra affordable torque based electric bike from Stark Drive.

Such benefits will include being able to program your electric bikes settings at the system level allowing adjustments that would not normally be accessible such as top speed, voltage cut off, and other such features. There will also be benefits such as the upcoming app that will act as a companion to the bike computer to display more information about your ride as well as maps that are synced to your travel and other health data. More about this on a future post.

Our goal with the display unit is a balance between features and cost and our close partnership with Bafang in China is enabling our goals of releasing Stark Drive Torque for Under $1000 when we launch in Summer 2019.


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