Stark Drive City Stock At Half Our Competitor Sondors Cost with Better Features


We Love Sondors and what they have done to help bring the electric bike industry in check by exerting pricing pressure on the incumbents to popularize electric bikes. We dont love high prices and on reviewing their pricing, which by the way is going up as per the time schedule above we noticed that once all taxes are added and taking into account their 'free' shipping the cost to your door if you live in the EU is almost 2x the price of a better equipped Stark Drive City Bike which we offer for 950 USD.

Not only that but Stark Drive City comes by default with a front light/horn as well as rear light that are all integrated into the electric system as well as a 21 gear shifting system (compared to Sondors 7). Stark Drive also comes with full front and rear shocks as well, instead of a hard tail you get from Sontors. All in all Stark Drive is an exceptional bike for the price.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC