Stark Drive Torque

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STARK DRIVE TORQUE - 250W (Boost to 350W)

Stark Drive has produced a limited number of our most powerful bike to date which is in stock and will ship immediately on purchase.

You can contact us at any time with pre-purchase questions through our website chat, hello@starkdrive.com or 1-888-HI-STARK.

Stark Drive Torque is fully loaded and equipped with the most powerful drive system that is offered by Bafang. 

Our Patented bike is the first fully loaded mid motor folding bike with features and specifications that exceed that you would find on bikes at 2X the price. The M510.1000W motor is exceptionally well built and can be tuned to operate at over 2500W.  All Bafang Mid motor drive systems can be connected to your PC via optional USB in order to fine tune all the settings on the motor. 

*In our testing, when the bike was unlocked we were able to achieve of over 50kph/31mph with a 85kg rider.




Ultra Wide and Comfortable Control Center

  • Comfort Grips 
  • rapidfire shifters
  • wide handlebars for added comfort and space
  • add features such as bell or phone holder with space to spare
  • center placed computer for easy viewing

Ultimate Traction, Grippy Fat Tires

  • Standard with Stark Drive Torque Max
  • 4.0'' (10 cm) Fat Tires with 26'' Wheels 
  • Wide Rims 
  • Specialized for Off Road and the Beach
  • Puncture Protection for better safety

Composite Aluminium 1-click Folding Pedals

  • latest style of pedals
  • durable and weather tested
  • foldable to save space when transporting
  • ensures complete power transfer when pedaling

 Front Air Suspension

  • 9 Level Suspension adjustment toggle
  • Addition or removal of internal air volume 
  • Lighter than spring suspension and more adjustable
  • Configure your perfect ride based on load

 The Best RapidFire Shifters

  • easily accessible 
  • rapidfire shifters
  • 8-speed SHIMANO gears and derailleur
  • perfectly configured for all terrain types

 Premium Unparallelled Security (Fingerprint, NFC, Key)

  • 2 factor security option with either Fingerprint and key
  • Fingerprint reader can store hundreds of fingerprints
  • share the bike with your family and friends
  • weatherproof premium security options not available on other bikes in this price class.

Premium Disc Brakes

  • High Friction Wide Pad Disc Brakes
  • More than 2x the stopping power of our first generation
  • low effort braking with the touch of a finger
  • easily replaceable standard brake pads   

Powerful Redesigned Battery Pack

  • rebuilt from the ground up with the latest technology
  • state-of-the-art powerful 48V lithium Ion cells 
  • 18ah of capacity at 48V 
  • 48V 18ah (864Wh) pack provides assist up to 125km or 78 miles per charge
  • Protective fuse included in every pack
  • convenient removal handle
  • removable: charge both inside or outside the bike
  • key locking system for extra security that disables the battery
  • protective undervoltage security system built in
  • functions with NFC or Fingerprint reader to enable/disable system power

100% Custom Built Frame Design

  • completely unique frames 
  • Fat Tire 
  • Forged out of 6061 aluminium alloy
  • approximately 4kg (8.8 lbs) for fat tire
  • Designed to hide all electrical components internally
  • hidden fingerprint reader access point
  • 100% weather-proof
  • Only folding Mid-Motor frame compatible with our chosen Bafang engines
  • WTO and EUIPO Protected design

 Plug and Play Wiring System w/ Computer Link

  • New to Stark Drive Torque, Color Coded connections
  • Waterproof design making upgrades easy
  • Ability to connect to your desktop computer through USB and fine tune the firmware on your motor