While Stark Drive Strives to Lower the Barrier to Entry, Others, Not-So-Much


Hello Backers,

Here at Stark Drive, our company's Mission Statement is first and foremost to be an enabler of electric bike technology to the masses. This primarily means lowering the barrier to entry so that the primary hurtle, affordably, is removed. Not everyone shares this conviction however as is seen by the Stromer ST5 Electric Bike which is to be released soon at a price of 10.000 USD for the base model.

This is 25X the cost of the base model of Stark Drive!

It's truly unbelievable even after putting it in black and white. There is no doubt that this is the pinnacle of electric bike tech with all systems housed internally, no brake cables or any other cables to speak of visible and a host of wireless features which are ultra cool and connect to your Smart phone but 25X the price?

We are eagerly reviewing the tech with our engineers both in house and at our factory and our goal is to incorporate as many of the features housed inside this luxury electric bike so that we can bring it to the other 99% at an affordable cost.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC