Update: Batch 2 Nordics Delivery / Batch 3 Manufacturing / Stark Drive Torque / Stark Drive Mini


Hello Backers,


Great news to those of you in the Nordics or waiting on your batch 2 bikes (not being included with the MAINLAND EU based bikes) we have received word that they are finally arriving and we will contact each of you individually for the final leg of your bikes long journey within the next two weeks.

These were delayed approximately a month due to an issue with the shipment leaving china and this was out of our control. we sincerely appreciate your patience and are working hard to fine tune the entire process. For those of you that were missing small pieces from your bikes in batch 1 or batch 2 we will also be receiving some spare parts with this shipment and will be sending those out to you on a case by case basis.


Batch 3 production is currently delayed 2 weeks due to an issue with a few components which were delayed from the supplier to our manufacturer. the current estimated completion date is mid june. we will keep you updated if this changes but for the time being it seems to be holding fast.


We are well on our way to launching Stark Drive Torque early 2019. Below you can see the finalized frame design which will be completely new and made specifically and only for Stark Drive. Originally due to the high cost of moulds and tooling we were forced to use standard commonly available frame designs which is what the original Stark Drive and Stark Drive Mini are based on. These save tens of thousands of dollars which translate into the worlds most affordable electric bikes. However, due to our continued expansion and improved volumes, not to mention our excellent relationship with our manufacturing partner in China, we are now in a position for Stark Drive Torque to design our own custom frame design while still maintaining our industry leading pricing.

Stark Drive Torque will be the only torque based electric bike on the market starting at a sub $1000 price point.

We have decided on using an industry standard Bafang motor for Stark Drive Torque with industry leading torque, reliable performance and excellent efficiency. Stark Drive Torque will be available in either 1.95'' tires (otherwise know as standard tire) configuration as well as Fat Tire. Our initial offerings for Stark Drive torque will be 250w, 350w as well as 500w.

Stark Drive Torque will launch through online crowdfunding with initial pricing only available to backers.

More information will be provided on this later.


We are super excited about the upcoming crowdfunding launch of Stark Drive Mini. this will be the most affordable electric bike in the world starting at an unbelievable $299 US. Stark Drive Mini is light, portable, and durable. Register your interest at www.starkdrive.world so that you receive the launch email in due course in order not to miss our most affordable configuration when we launch.

Stark Drive Mini will come in 250W and 350W configurations with various battery capacities and it will be the only electric bike in the world (that we know of) you can take with you when you fly, battery and all.