Suspension Misinformation; Indiegogo Fake News


We just wanted to post a further clarification on the state of First Kickstarter, and then Indiegogo as to what has happened with our dream to get Stark Drive - The Most Affordable Electric Bike in the world out to everyone that has ever dreamed about owning an electric bike.

We originally launched on Kickstarter on November 1st. We were very green to crowdfunding and did everything wrong. We realized just how wrong after about a week on Kickstarter and having raised only about 17K US. We were at that point contacted by Indiegogo and they were very interested in us bringing over our project to their website, especially with their recent success of a similar project: Mate.bike.

They promised to assign us a representative that would help us at every step of the way if we agreed to cancel our launch and relaunch on their platform. That is one major difference between KS and Indie due to what i believe notoriety of the two websites in the internet sphere. Kickstarter has a much broader user base and from what I have been lead to believe much more traffic.

We accepted the offer and then we were set out on a path of success with hundreds of pages of guides that were sent to us about how to launch a campaign, generate buzz, interest from publishers and online influencers etc.

We on our relaunch which was February 15th 2017, we had quite a different experience in our launch having achieved backer support of approximately 285.000 USD before out campaign was put under 'review' by the Trust and Safety Team at indiegogo.

Here is a very important point i want to make in regards to being put 'Under Review' and 'Suspended'.

Stark Drive Electric bike has to the date of this blog update, NEVER been suspended from Indiegogo. We have however been 'Under Review' for a very long period of time. I don't believe any actual 'reviewing' is actually going on.

To see the difference refer to the image at the top of this blog post. Titan Note, another Swedish project, has clearly been suspended from Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding sites, however Stark Drive, has never been suspended anywhere.

Some websites has stated 'Suspended' or 'Cancelled' and while i would agree the end effect is the same, the actual status of our project is still 'Under Review'.

Perhaps it will still be 'Under Review' when the first bach ships early august to our awaiting backers.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC.