Stark Drive Torque - Testing Performance


We have been working hard on the upcoming launch of Stark Drive Mini on Indiegogo December 15th at 12:00 PM (GMT+1) Swedish Time but that does not mean we have not also been working hard on the next phase of

Stark Drive's Master Plan

Which is all about Torque. You see unlike Stark Drive and Stark Drive Mini which operate using a hub motor, Stark Drive Torque uses a torque based sensing system which gives the rider unprecedented control when taking advantage of PAS Technology not to mention a dramatic increase in power to climb even the most challenging terrane.

A fairly comprehensive video on the subject (not done by us) has been published online which we have shared below:

The Speed Test was difficult to measure out on the streets for the simple reason that this bike is intensely fast and as you can see from the video below, we got it up to just over 80kph in our free wheel test.

We went all out on Stark Drive Torque Max which is a 48V based system and we have designed it to be modular and configurable. The base unit includes a 9ah battery pack however its been designed so that these packs are expandable meaning that you can attach extra power to the bike if needed when you are traveling longer distances or simply need power at your destination. All Additional batteries will function as Power Plants through USB meaning you can power your devices wherever you are.

USB Charging was a feature of Stark Drive from day one however there are many cases where you dont want to be chained to your bike when you arrive to your destination and with the Stark Drive Power Plant you no longer need to be.

Below is your base model Stark Drive Torque (SDT) based on a very powerful 36V system which coincidentally means that that the powerpack can out put more Ah meaning longer ride time with the same size pack as compared to Stark Drive Torque Max above.

SDT uses a Bafang based complete Mid Motor Torque Drive system which is completely integrated from an electronics perspective. The display as you can see below is crisp, clear and a GUI is as detailed as it is comprehensive with a lot of information such as assist level, trip distance, total distance, Max speed etc..

Bafang Go App Compatibility

In our increasingly connected world, it was not going to be long until there was an app for your bike and here it is. As our system is completely based on a Standard Bafang Package, it also means that our bike is 100% compatible with the Bafang Go App which works on iPhone and Android based system. There is simply not enough real estate on the built in display that comes with the bike in order to display all the information continuously being acquired by the drive system so this app gives you the opportunity to customize the interface to display that information that is relevant to you.

We will have more information out SDT as well as SDM coming in the near future.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC