Stark Drive Torque Manufacturing & Development: Part 3 Fingerprint Recognition


Fingerprint Recognition on a SUB-$1000 eBike

One of the coolest features we have worked hard to include for the upcoming Stark Drive Torque (SDT) platform is fingerprint recognition technology. This is a feature that is normally found in ebikes that are several times the cost of our planned $999 US for SDT. Fingerprint recognition would allow you to forgo having to carry around a key for the bike in order to use the electrical assist features and also enable you to share the bike with friends and family whom have registered their respective biometrics with the bike.

The power system on SDT instead of being controlled solely with the key can now be controlled simply by using your fingerprint to turn the bikes power system on and off at your leisure. As always all of this tech is hidden from sight inside the bike frame, something we were able to accomplish due to our use of the new Bafang line of Torque Mid Drive motors which house both the motor and controller right inside the drive system located centrally weighted on the bike. This left us with a lot of room in the frame to add features such as biometrics to control the bike.

We are not the first to include such tech on our bikes. A notable ebike already on the market by Van Moof already includes this tech but for a base price that is triple the cost of SDT. As always our company's mantra was and still is to make accessible the best technology that the electric bike revolution has to offer at a cost that makes it accessible to anyone that wants to own it.

Stay tuned for our next blog posting talking about even more unique features that will be available on the upcoming SDT!


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC