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We here at Stark Drive wanted to wish all of our backers and customers a Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for the New Year.

We have Stark Drive In Stock For Immediate Delivery Worldwide

In the new year the new Anti Dumping duty introduced by the EU (approx 84%) will take effect basically doubling our prices as it has increased the prices of our competitors substantially. Buy now at: www.starkdrive.bike/stock now.

Not only do we have power up to 500W, but we also have both Standard and Fat tire bikes available in a variety of colors as well as your choice of any 250W model perfectly configured for the European marketplace with rear lights integrated into the electrical system. As you can see below our competitors are also increasing their pricing in the new year. It should be noted that we still offer Stark Drive Mini for a starting price of $299 on Indiegogo.com

We hope for the best in the coming year and have a lot of plans for Stark Drive in 2019 including the launch of our Torque based electric bike for a starting price of under $1000 with our own custom frame design further expanding our range and the expanding our lineup to cover more usage case scenarios.

As you can see below our Stark Drive Torque model has been designed with mobility in mind in so much as we have adapted the new frame design to include the ability to fold both for transportation as well as improving the ability to secure Stark Drive Torque when you arrive at your destination.

Torque will come with a variety of power options starting at 250W with an instantanious power level of 500W when needed as well as being able to fine tune the power settings once you unlock the bike computer to ensure you have the perfect configuration for your usage case senaio.

1000W of RAW POWER!

Stark Drive Torque will be configurable up to 1000W where in our own internal testing have reached speeds up to 83kph (52mph)

The maximum legal power levels will depend on your own countries requirements with up to 750W currently legal in the USA. We have an EU wide certification (not individual countries) for Stark Drive up to 1000W meaning that you can experience the full power of our Torque based system but note that you should check with your local authorities to ensure that you are allowed to have this locally as all countries have their own individual rules and do not necessarily follow the EU wide rules.

Special Features of Stark Drive Torque

We have been exploring what we could add to SDT to make it better and we already have our engineering team working on expanded battery capacity that can be added to the system like lego blocks, integrated GPS/GPRS to track your bike, Integrated APP that works in conjunction with the torque motor to give you even more information on your smartphones external display. We are also looking into adding USB to our battery packs so that when removed from the bike they function as power plants for your devices. Upgrading the wiring to Stark Drive so that its color coded and plug and play when you want to add components. Adding smart signaling as well as a smart helmet that links to the bike via bluetooth to signal what direction you are looking to travel as well as helping you in an emergency automatically if it senses that you have been in an accident.

Finally we are looking to add biometrics to your bike so that you no longer need a key to start the bike and the bike will know you are near and automatically unlock and be ready to go. Just one less thing to worry about.


Stark Drive Team
Stark Drive LLC