Stark Drive Mini / USA-Canada-South Pacific Deliveries


Hello Backers,

we are super excited to announce that the Prototype Stark Drive Mini has now been complete and can be seen in testing below. Our aim for Stark Drive mini was four fold.

  1. We wanted to make an electric bike that went toe to toe with any other small electric bike our lovely mates out in the industry might have
  2. We wanted to make the most fully featured electric bike with price being super important
  3. We wanted a starting price at under $300 US
  4. We wanted it to be super light and portable so that you can easily take it on public transit.

Stark Drive Mini will be as configurable as Stark Drive is with available upgrades to the motor, battery and a host of accessories that will be available when we launch it on kickstarter early next year (2018).

The starting price will be $299 USD + S&H

The goal is to make electric bikes more available then ever before. We dont know of any purpose built (note: not frakensteined together) electric bike in this price bracket. Especially one that is as handsome as Stark Drive MIni.

It will be available in White, Matte Black, and more exclusively Blue and Red.

Since we are using the same manufacturing partner and there are no longer any chances for lovely competitors to file fraudulent DMCA claims against us, we will hold our schedule for production this time.

See some photos and videos below. (videos coming later)

As always, we are super appreciative of all of our hundreds (soon to be thousands) of backers out there and you should all give yourselves a pat on the back for altruistic attitude on life and helping to bring affordable electric transportation to the masses.


We are waiting on word from our logistics partners for the delivery schedule for these deliveries. If anyone out there knows of an easy way to get our bikes to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands (such as the Cook Islands) we would love to hear from you. Our logistics partner in China has never shipped there before so its hard for them.

We already have a quote for USA and Canada but our logistics partner is waiting on a second which they say could arrive faster and at a better price. We will update our blog as soon as we have news in this respect. Australia is not a problem for us currently.

Batch 2 Deliveries (orders after June 6)

We are getting a lot of questions about when these are going out. As the first batch was a bit delayed (ie going out now) we anticipate that batch 2 will go out end of november. We will convey the latest information to you from the factory as we know it.

A heartfelt ❤ thanks

CEO, Stark Drive LLC