Stark Drive Mini Launch


Hello Everyone,

That atmosphere at our offices is electric with excitement. We have at the end of last week finished filming the launch video for Stark Drive Mini and the preliminary video we have received is prodigious and eye appealing. The Mini video will focus not on selling a product (as does so many other launch videos in the marketplace) but rather telling the story of Stark Drive and how we got to where we are today.

Stark drive was not just a bike but an idea, a concept, a goal to enable affordable electric transportation worldwide to everyone who wanted it.

We all live on the same planet so helping even one more person commute in a more environmentally way will make a difference.

Stark Drive MIni will be an electric bike of many 'firsts'.

  • First electric bike ever launched under $300 USD
  • First electric bike that can travel with you when you fly (batteries and all)
  • First folding electric bike completely customizable to your usage case senario from the factory
  • First folding electric bike that arrives to your door fully assembled and ready to ride

For us here at Stark Drive we hope this is just the first of many firsts for our company with the Launch of Stark Drive Mini (tentatively scheduled for the end of August 2018) we have come to realize our phase 2 goal and with a successful launch we we be moving on to our phase 3 goal of the worldwide launch of the most affordable torque based electric bike at under $1000 USD.

Stark Drive Mini will be launching on Kickstarter.

Sign up for our launch email and the chance to back our most well equipped Mini for a limited number of early adopters.


Its with a debt of gratitude that i extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone that believed in the premise and concept of Stark Drive during our relaunch in 2017, when even our former crowdfunding partner cast a shadow of doubt and prematurely ended our crowdfunding campaign (refunding all of our backers) to our dismay and detriment. They may have delayed us, but the idea and belief in affordable electric transportation lived on and with our relaunch we proved that united we can make anything possible.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC.