Stark Drive Manufacturing Update (End of July)


Hello Backers,

We just wanted to share with you this latest update in regards to our cooperation with the our manufacturing facilities as well as to update you on the status of production. We are currently nearing $500.000 US in backing (some backers have chosen to purchase from us directly instead of going through the website) which means that there are hundreds of people that will now have access to ultra affordable electric bike technology. We continue to offer demos of our bike if you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden.

Manufacturing is ongoing however due to the environmental regulations (which have affected other projects as well such as STRØM whom also launched on Indiegogo, see their latest update) we are about a further 3 weeks behind in our production schedule. We take our commitment to delivery very seriously at Stark Drive.

That being said, we are currently working out the final details in providing all Batch 1 Backers (orders placed before June 6) Air Shipping at no additional charge. This will cut 3-4 weeks from delivery times and bring us back on track in regards to our original delivery time frame. More details on FREE air shipping coming in subsequent updates. There are no issues for Batch 2 Backers and they are still being produced according to schedule.

Its critical that you have all the correct information on your account including Address, and Phone Number. The carrier needs to have this information to ensure that your delivery makes it to you and to avoid any unexpected situations where there is some miscommunication when making delivery attempts. In order to update your information log into your account here at the bottom of our homepage:

You will be asked to log in, if you can not remember your password you can send a password reset request there. If you are still having trouble gaining access to your account please contact us at hello@starkdrive.com.

From Stockholm with ♡

CEO, Stark Drive LLC