Stark Drive in 2019


I wanted to reach out to all of our backers and customers and talk about our relentless drive to get affordable electric bike technology to everyone who wants it. It's been an incredibly difficult road for us to even get this far with many having doubted that we would deliver our first bikes and then those that doubted we would deliver the remainder of the thousands of bikes we have shipped to date.

Then there were those that doubted (once again) that we could manufacture an electric bike for under $300 US but we not only have the manufacturing in place we have our manufacturing partner in china in constant communication with us asking us when we are going to submit our first order so they can get to work as fast as possible.

We have had our competitors try to cancel our facebook account, cancel our crowdfunding launches, attempts to get us in trouble with our tax authority, leaving fictitious negative feedback publicly about our company, the list goes on and on. While their determination is laudable, the result will unfortunately always been the same, Stark Drive and our company motto remains the same:

Manufacture the most affordable and well equipped electric bike in the world

No matter what happens it will only help us to grow stronger and more determined until we achieve this goal which does not necessarily mean that we are the sole providers of affordable electric bike technology, more so that we are an enabler that helps convince the industry that they should shift their focus away from trying to make a tidy sum on the sale of each individual electric bike and rather to focus on smaller profits on larger quantities.

Stark Drive 750(W)

One of the things we have taken less advantage of has been our new and improved 750W electric bike with an upgraded easy connector assembly system as well as several upgraded components such as brakes and lights. We are going to be focusing on launching this to the mainstream with prototype units already sent to some lucky reviewers in the US where these bikes are completely legal but on top of this, Stark Drive already has a CoC certification for all the EU for bikes up to 1000W meaning that as long as your local authority follows the EU wide standards it will be ok to use even these higher powered bikes in your area.

Stark Drive 750 will still be the most affordable bike in its category (power) in the world. We are looking to launch this in the interim before we bring Stark Drive Torque to market.

We want to wish everyone a prosperous and successful 2019!

Thank you for all of you that believed in us and helped us make Stark Drive Possible.


CEO, Stark Drive LLC