Stark Drive Mini Competitors: Swagtron at $299


Here is one of the competitors to Stark Drive Mini. Its called the Swagtron but there is one glaring issue with labelling it as a competitor as its not an electric bike at all. The Swagtron is a throttle equipped scooter. Once you run out of power, your going to be carrying it to your destination and it only has a range of 10 miles or 12 km which even our base Mini beats. Not to mention that If you do run out of power with Mini, you can conveniently pedal to your destination.

Stark Drive Mini Launching on Indiegogo on December 15 2018 at 12:00 pm (GMT+1) Stockholm Time.

Its also claimed in the advertising that this is a folding bike which of course is a bit misleading. the only thing that folds on this bike are the handlebars, the main frame itself does not fold like Mini does and as such if you do live in an older building or have a cramped elevator or staircase, it will be exceedingly difficult to being the Swagtron with you.

The battery on the Swagtron is not removable so that once you run out of power you need to wait for the batteries to recharge which could take hours.

The rear wheel is exceedingly small and not standard meaning that you will be depended on getting proprietary replacements from the manufacturer.

Its not such a great deal at $299 if anything goes wrong as was discussed in a review on amazon.

There are a lot of things lacking with this bike that we include by default with the Mini although its nice to see that they have a bike computer as standard.